HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


Bro literally first post lol


Maybe we should just close this thread since nobody is bothering to read the first post


Cough up $1k deposit plus broker fee and then wait.


Was interested in how clutch operated, which is sadly not in the first post

Message him. He will lay it out for you. If you are good with the numbers using current mf pay his fee and he forwards it on to the dealer he works with you give them a deposit and place your order and you are in the boat the rest Of us are in.

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You can check out our process and FAQ here, happy to help get you a 4xe!

Which options are holding back builds? Seems like basic sahara with lower msrp are getting delivered the quickest? Are colors holding up builds longer? Cold weather package?

Considering ordering a 3rd jeep while i wait for eternity on my two other builds that are loaded with options.

No one knows…

Anyone who does is not posting here😢


It’s so funny people message everyone except the person who they need to ask. Literally got a PM asking “what is your monthly payment” bc they thought the numbers weren’t adding up for Clutch’s deal.

What does my monthly payment have anything to do with what you’re trying to order??? :joy:


Just a heads up - For anyone who gets the sky one touch top and finds it gets too hot, the hotheads head liner makes a WORLD of difference. Florida summers are horrible and I was finding the heat in the car after baking in the sun all day to be a bit much, taking a while to cool off. The headliner makes it feel a ton cooler now, can’t recommend this thing enough. I feel like it’s actually cooler in my car now than with my previous car with just a sunroof.

If you plan to get one, sign up for an account and pop it in your car but don’t checkout. They will send you a coupon for 5-10% off in 1-2 days. Someone else tipped me off to it and sure enough it worked.


This thread needs more pics…


That must be MIGHTY confusing when rushing out on the morn and picking the wrong car.


I took wayy too many pictures on a recent trip.


Great pics! I hope to hit some trails soon.

It’s not my fault they discontinued Billet Silver!

What was your payment, again? :rofl:


Mad Pshop skillz, I can’t even see the mirror!

I am flattered, especially since I didn’t touch it. :sunglasses:

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Recent pub crawl to Mendocino and Fort Bragg, Glass Beach


Has anyone here taken delivery of both a Sahara or HA and a Rubi?

If so, what are your observations and likes/dislikes specifically around differences?

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