How to actually get that deal ( negotiation )

Hello Hackrs,

I see these to good to be true lease deals on this site. I live in Los Angeles and noticed most of the deals are from here as well.

My question is more of “how do you negotiate these deals with the dealer?” I don’t think going to the dealer and saying I saw this on and give me this deal will work?

What is the technique most people here use to grab a deal? For instance, what I been doing is going straight to the internet sale manager and asking them to give me their internet price. Which is less then going from They charge a fee for referrals which makes sense.

I want to Lease with 0 down 15k miles a year

Here are the cars im thinking about:
2016 VW Passat se with tech package
2016 Chevy Volt

I recently helped lease a VW Tiguan Base for my sister for $220 total a month with Zero down and 12k miles a year… but now that i see this site i feel like i could have gotten it for less.

You have to be willing to say no and walk away. Which means you have to be wanting a car, not needing. I’ll be negotiating with my dealer and others two to three months before my lease is up so I don’t get in a need to lease situation. I’ll pay an extra month or two if it saves several hundred bucks.

See here is the thing, I been calling around and even going to the dealerships. For example just that VW passat soon as i ask for a great deal, i dont get much response.

Matter fact, i keep calling them and i’m getting ignored. Like they just don’t need your business. So I dont know if the car industry is going crazy with sales or what?

I’ve actually noticed this too. I would email multiple dealers about quotes and inquiries, and many don’t end up following up (other than their automated reply). When I was leasing my car two years ago, everyone seemed desperate to get the sales…

That sounds like a good strategy. To be honest, I’ve never had to negotiate in person. I simply request internet quotes and ask the local dealer (or the dealer with the exact car I want) to match the lowest quote. If they won’t, no hard feelings – I just go to a different one. I accept that dealers set their own prices based on a number of factors, which vary from dealer to dealer.

One of the advantages of living in Southern California is that it’s a competitive region with a lot of dealers, and they always seem eager to sell you car.

I think the key is to know what constitutes an excellent – but reasonable – deal. If you ask for $80/month and $0 down completely out of the blue, you might be laughed out of the dealer. But if you’ve done your research and know that Car X leases particularly well, and that $80/month is the result of a $1,000 discount (which, according to several data points, is doable), a 60% residual, .00010 MF, and $3,000 in incentives, there’s a good chance the internet salesperson will honor that deal.

In other words, it’s not really about how aggressive you are with the poor salesperson. No shouting theatrics necessary. Just try to get a feel for what the market price is for the car. Ask for lease program information (residuals, MF, and incentives) on this forum, and calculate the lease price on your own. Then you’ll be prepared and can walk in knowing what to expect.

A Tiguan for $220/month and $0 drive-off, all taxes and fees included, is an excellent deal by the way.