How’s this deal? 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In

2020 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid SE

Carpeted Floor Mats, Cargo Net, 1.6L 4 cyls, Hybrid, FWD, automatic, Stellar Silver, new, I4. Stellar Silver 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid SE FWD 6-Speed EcoShift Dual Clutch I4

Msrp $27,730
Discount $1955
Federal rebate/Hyundai lease cash $4345
Sold price $21430
$2000 down
36 months at 269 + tax ($300/mo
10,000 miles per year
55% residual
0.00279 MF
Can still apply for CVRP $1000 rebate.

How is this deal?
Can I get better in SoCal LA?

Have you researched all of the federal and state rebates for this car?

Also, is the discount pre-incentive?

It’s includes the $4543 rebate incentive. So I can still apply for $1000 rebate.

Those are from Hyundai, correct?

Correct. I separated the discount dealer is giving me from the rebate.

How do I plug in this numbers to get Leasehackr # of years??

You can also get the CVAP grant of $5000 but have to apply before purchase/lease from a participating dealer and income eligibility, also either a $2000 charger installation grant or $1000 access charge card plus Edison $1000 (region dependent)

CVRP gets you back $1000 rebate after purchase/lease

What is the qualifications for $5k pre purchase CVAP? Not sure if I qualify

The $1000 Edison and $2000/$1000 cash card sounds good too.

I posted the link above… here it is again: It is a Grant-they send a check to the dealership depending on your income-check the link and you can see where you stand on income eligibility…

Also, CVRP adds another $2500 for low income to the CA Rebate so instead of $1000 it would be $3500 I believe

Also there is a $250 incentive

Here’s the Income Eligibility page:

Huh, things have change a lot since 2019 models in Jan 2020…

I thought CA has a lot of various post-sale rebates.

Yep-for a FUEL CELL you could get up to $7000 back now from CA…and $5000 Grant so that’s $12K out the door (income eligibility) plus FC vehicles all come with 3 years or $13-$15,000 Fuel Card… I’m leaning towards the NEXO if I can find any at approved dealerships…see how it goes

I have not seen a nexo at the dealership or on the road at all. I was interested until the dealers said they never got one last year or this year.

Actually I think the CVAP is only for ELECTRIC vehicles or Hybrids, Fuel Cell don’t qualify :roll_eyes:

*Edit: GOOD NEWS-As per the LOOOONG CVAP guidelines page-FCEV are eligible for the $5000 grant so NEXO, MIRAI and CLARITY are included as Clean Vehicles eligible

I got an answer from Capitol Hyundai in San Jose
MSRP: $59,855
Down: $5200
Monthly: $449+tax
So my actual monthly would be $612/mo (tax included) haha I sent an e-mail back stating that for that much I can get a German Luxury car or a 2019 Corvette C7, I also asked for a sheet so I can see what MSRP is and any %off, incentives, how the $5200 is applied/fees etc, MF/RV

*Edit: Also the Nexo website states $3399 down and $399/mo for 36/12

You should be able to get another $500 in dealer discount or close to that.
Ask for lease cash incentive.

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612/month? That’s xc90 money.

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Haha-I know, that’s what I told them… I could get a Luxury German for that price too
I pay $700 for my Hellcat…

Here’s the response e-mail:

"It is $3,399 due at sign +drive off+registration+title which will come out to be about $6,200 total at MSRP since we are doing $1,00 off it will be $5,200 total down. for the Blue it’s 399 and for Limited model it’s 449/mo.

With total $5,200 down on the blue it will be $440/mo and $495/mo for Limited model including tax and fees."

I did request a work sheet but that is the only thing they sent in the e-mail…In my original request-I was asking for a BLUE which is the lowest price and the quote was $449+tax and there was a link to the exact vehicle…now that $449 price turns out to be for a Limited…something smells fishy haha Run Forest RUN

SORRY OP for hijacking the post like this…

It’s all good. We are all here looking to get the best deal possible. I’m still working on getting the ioniq deal… now stuck waiting for the cvap

Yep-I also applied and waiting, so no rush…also debating if I should just use the $5000 to buy a used ‘17-‘18 VOLT as they start popping out of leases now ($15K ish for LT trim) or go Fuel Cell vehicle and basically get a FREE PASS for 3 yrs