How much should I expect to pay in insurance?

Hi guys
I have never leased a car. I understand that you are supposed to have full coverage when you lease.
I am thinking of leasing a bmw 3 series but I need to know how much I would be paying in insurance to see if I can afford it.

someone in real life told me $100 a month, but when I went online and did an insurance quote, it told me something much higher, $280 a month. To get the quote, I entered all my data in a way that would minimize the quote. For example, when it asked “married or single?” I wrote married. when it asked “any accidents?” I wrote no. “Any DUIs?” no “how many miles a year do you drive?” 4000 miles a year.

I understand insurance rates depend on the specific driver, but what is the minimum I should expect to pay for insurance?

No one can answer that except for your insurance company. Everybodys deal is different


Agree all I can tell you is shop around. There are way too many variables. I will tell you that it’s not always what you expect. For example in my experience my Hondas have been more expensive to insure than my bmws.

BMW requires you to carry a minimum of 100k/300k personal liability and 50k property damage. Maximum deductibles on comprehensive and collision of $1000. Make sure you are using these numbers when getting quotes.

Try pay-per-mile insurance. Metromile is great.

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3 series will be around $2k per year.

There are so many factors. In my case it is $1200 per year

If available in your state, use Metromile.

Sounds like you’re in SoCal based on the tags. Metromile is offered in CA. As others have said, definitely get a quote there. Pull a VIN of a comparable car you’re looking at from a dealer website to use for the quote. If you’re only planning on 4k miles a year, Metromile is almost certainly going to be your best bet.

Again depends so not sure how you know so definitely. I insure an m3 for less than half that with max coverage in so cal.

Gotta quote it out. No one can tell you how much you’ll be paying, only the insurance companies.

Insurance is easy to shop around. Just get quotes for the 3 series. It’s easier if you pick a VIN from one you’re interested in. Just get like four or five quotes and then you’ll know. This is the easiest part of picking a car.


It seems like my insurance went up 27% for the new 6 month term. I called Geico and they told me its b/c in CA it’s more expensive to insure blah blah. On average monthly payment, I’m paying about $100/month for full coverage at 100/300/50 (minimum for a lease), solo driver with $500 comprehensive/$1000 collision deductibles. I know this will vary by age, driving history, car usage, region in CA, discount, but I was just wondering if your car insurance has gone up this year and what is the average driver paying in CA and what insurance company. Thanks!

Then you know your question is useless. What anyone else pays is irrelevant to you.

You’re better off calling other insurers for quotes that are custom to you and/or using an insurance broker.


Sigh, too much.

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$360/mo between the three of them on 300K coverages with $250 comp, $500 collision deductibles.

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Your post is almost void of relevant info. You mentioned a 27% increase, but not your age, region/city, insured vehicle year/model, background on if you’ve had any recent claims etc.

Maybe you should share more info about your particular situation, before asking others what they are paying and not asking for their specifics. Otherwise as @max_g already said, this thread is useless in its current form and should be re-closed.

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Orange Country zip, depends on Age and who is driving as you can see one of the fiats is really expensive compared to the other.

This is per year??

yes per year

Thanks I’ve always been curious about this as well.

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