How much has your car insurance changed since you last checked? (lease/finance)

Do you just ask for the 12 month quote when they give you the 6 month number? Do all insurers offer 12 months?

No, it’s either they give one year right away or not.

I tried online a few companies, and Geico only had an option for six months, as well as a few others.
But through insurance agents, I was always offered one year. Especially if it’s bundled with home owners and an umbrella.

So If I see 6 months quote, I just move on to the next insurance co under the assumption they will try to pull a fast one at the end of the first term.

Majority of the companies can offer you annual terms, but some strictly can only do 6 month policies (which are generally cheaper, but you run the risk of ‘rate revisions’ at renewal more often).

Best thing to do is contact a local broker, and have them do the work for you. Typically they have access to markets most don’t even know about and they can make sure you are getting valid coverage and not just the dirt minimum companies will revert too when you quote yourself.

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I believe insurance is state specific. I had State Farm in Seattle. I had small increases but I was very happy with the service and didn’t feel like switching because I also had my house on the policy. However when I moved to AZ my rates went up significantly so I switched to Liberty Mutual. Before I sold my X4 I was paying 160 for RX 350 and X4 m40 and I think it also includes my umbrella insurance.

Time for me to start shopping - have had geico for years but umbrella policy has doubled in two years and just got my auto renewal with a 28% increase since last renewal in June :rage:- no changes with coverages,claims,etc

Just checked a number of carriers last week in my search for reasonable coverage…Ive failed.

The quotes ranged from $6000 to $11,600/yr for comparable coverages🤢

I currently pay $5900ish so will stick with the same carrier for another year…

How many cars? Multiple drivers?

I’m in MA and recently switched to AAA Northeast (underwritten by Arbella Insurance) from Safeco Insurance. I am saving nearly $300 per year. I pay about $2300/year for two cars ('21 Audi A6 and '17 Chrysler Pacifica) with two drivers (my wife and I). We had Safeco for a couple of years, but the premiums kept going up every year.

Btw, our homeowner’s policy is also through AAA, so we do get a multi-policy discount.

AAA is who I currently have as well. I’ve had them about four years now as they have consistently been lowest for the same coverage as everyone else.

We have three cars in our household with three drivers (and not even a parking ticket on anyone’s records) but one driver is 18. Car insurance is crazy high here unfortunately :frowning:

I remember reading somewhere that it’s good to get quotes every year even if you don’t intend to switch. Based on that article the insurance companies can see the pulls and are less likely to increase your premium.

How often you shop around has no impact on what your current carrier will charge you. However companies are constantly updating their pricing models so it does make sense to shop around - just realize that shopping around won’t change what your current company charges you, and they can’t negotiate rates because they have to stick to the rates they file with the insurance department.

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I don’t if it’s the same article but it’s the same idea:

So had two leafs for $2,050 a year with an accident about 3-4 years ago at fault. Now $40k 6 months old Leaf is totaled and replaced by a $37k Frontier - insurance went down by a $100 for yearly premium.

So what really happens if you claim 10,000 miles/yr when you sign up for the policy and something happens (accident, ticket, whatever) after you’ve really driven 12,000 miles for the year. Is there really any consequence? I feel like most people have a tendency to underreport how many miles they drive, much like their income.

If the mileage seems unbelievably low, the carrier will ask for proof. For example, I have put just 2,700 miles on my car since December 2018. They have verified (by photograph) twice. I have it set to 1,500/year. They have never asked for more, but I will also send maintenance records as validation. My previous carrier would also check (but much more often).

I doubt they would ask if you are in the average 10k-15k range. But if you file a claim and the mileage is much higher, they will adjust your rate to reflect that.

GEICO told me the 30% increase was across the board this year. So much for 8% inflation…

I’m switching to progressive and they’re about $50/mo cheaper for me


How was Powel said it - we need to overshoot on rate in leases to make inflation under control😂
Feels the same:)

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Mine has creeped up lately. Had geico for like 15 years as a family and had to drop them after it went up $60 per month. Went to USAA then they were great initially but next renewal was outrageous. Allstate was similar - great with those introductory rates and then renewal was ridiculous so now we are with Progressive. They all really stated taxing for my m340i in Atlanta.

Thanks - looks like progressive is about $35/month cheaper for me. However, they don’t appear to have umbrella coverage - anyone have recommendations for a $1-2mm umbrella policy?

Progressive offers umbrella but it’s through their home insurance division (ASI aka American Strategic). If you call they will transfer you to the umbrella sales dept.

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After 6 months you’ll probably see an increase.

They hooked me in with a great initial rate then bumped it ~ 30% at renewal with no claims or violations.

I paid it once, then switched to Connect (American Family thru Costco) for the same initial rate as progressive. I’ll try to remember and follow up if they increase on me come April ‘23.

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