How much has your car insurance changed since you last checked? (lease/finance)

Just curious how much car insurance has changed for most people since the car supply shortage/covid/electronic shortage/inflation/something else

My insurance has gone down over the last 2 years :grin:

I have no loyalty to a carrier, I get pricing quotes every few months to see if we can eek out a bit more savings among the better mainline carriers, we are currently with Erie and their CS is good - friends have had good efforts during claims, and their coverage is good with great pricing.

they only serve a small geographic area but other than that, they’ve been great.


Thats awesome! When I had the elantra lease I was doing $320 for 6 month term (100/300/100, 1k), so Im curious once I get the bmw how much Ill be seeing lol.

But do you think that could also be because of you getting a little bit older too/being licensed for a few more years?

Just renewed my 4xe 6 month and it went from $63 to $90 a month. Shopped 3-4 different places and they were all higher so lost motivation to keep on pulling free quotes.

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If we were to quantify every single one of those things - we could be here all day. But yes, time does indeed progress, and I end up driving even more expensive and dumb vehichles.

50-60 every car 4xe/392/z06/Supra/s2k

Evo was $100 and a hellcat I’m getting quoted 100+ :flushed:

Oh this is GEICO
29years old

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I’m paying about $150/mo for my TRX. Note this is in MI, one of the (if not the) most expensive insurance states. My LT1 was $120 till the wheels got stolen, now it’s $137

My 4xe’s were about $100. 24 years old

I got lucky. $400 for max coverage in MI for my 2x 4xe and 392 with Progressive.
Down to 1x 4xe and 392 and I’m at $1100 now for 6 months with AAA.

MI is the most I’ve ever paid for insurance, though moving my 392 to CA plates/insurance would be more which is interesting. The other big major agencies quoted me $1500-2000 for 6 months in MI.

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Don’t have any information about changes, but have some general cost data.

This is with an umbrella policy so the costs are expected to be higher, I believe. Also with the highest coverage.

92k MSRP TRX is $160 < makes sense
44k MSRP Frontier $156 < wtf?
79k MSRP X5 45e $129 < also wtf?

Can anyone explain why the frontier is so much and the BMW is the cheapest out of the 3?

vehicle manufacturer/model’s accident history is a factor. i’m going to guess x5 have been less in accidents compared to frontier historically or something.

What state you live in? Might be time to pack my bags :slightly_smiling_face:

My insurance has increased every renewal period as I have gotten older and I got married in that timeframe too. No accidents, no tickets on record, no big claims (1 windshield), always paid my premium on time. Makes no sense to me and every 6 months-12 months I am changing carriers. Just this June, Progressive bumped my 6 month premium from $1200 to $2100.


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Progressive has, for years, been the cheapest for me. Two fender benders over the past 5 years rate never went up. And i’m in Michigan.

The small accident and large accident forgiveness is a nice perk.

Ensures your rate won’t increase if you cause an accident, regardless of the amount, if you’ve been with us for five years continuously and been free from violations/claims for up to the last 5 years.

I had Geico for 8+ years, no tickets, no accidents, my recent 6 month premium went up $300. I switched to the Costco affiliated “connect”. Their insurance, with higher coverage, was the same price as I was paying before Geico raised my premiums. I am in California.

Im paying ~$200/mo whether it’d be a TRX or a Impreza.

Policy has me (20) and parents (50s) (100/300/100) limits, NYC area.

I go through COSTCO-CONNECT by AMFM, cheapest so far for 2022 Tesla Y and 2022 Wrangler 4Xe $610 for 6mo with 100/300/100 limits and $250/$500 deductibles
Only the Tesla was $427

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Been at Geico for ~8 years. $1019 every 6 months for my Lightning + 2011 Camry (679/340 ish split) in Los Angeles.

I shop around every 6 months or so but haven’t found someone that has beat my Geico pricing.
I’m flipping the Lightning so once they pick it up and I pick something else up I’ll shop around again.

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I’m in NY, I recommend checking Travelers I’ve had them for years, 12 month policies so no increases every 6 months and very minimal increases. We have multiple policies in different states they’ve beat everyone.