How many have you... Year in review

Since the flip appears to be dead now, what is the most 4xe’s anyone leased? I had three, but kept one. I should have had more but was too shy in the beginnig.

4 for me, all sold now - I was pretty hesitant at the beginning too - wish I had started in 2021. My guess is Vinny or Harry

My original plan was to hopefully get one and flip to pay the the 2nd lease, but then it just worked so well I couldn’t pass up the free $$

Oh I’m not even close to Vinny. 7 wranglers (kept one) and 3 GCs (kept one) I’d guess I’m middle of the pack. Sold a Honda, Ford Mach E and a Explorer this year too.

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i’m on my 11 car this year. 5 wranglers all gone, took 15k for my lighting reservation and had jg applied to a ford explorer ST. , two santa fe plugs in. bought she didn’t like white then didn’t like blk but it gave me tax liability and i think “lost” 700 on both but gained 14ish in tax liability. it’s been a great year.
If i can get an instock Gc 4xe at months end for 11k rebates and 10% off we’ll finish the year off with car 12

St wil ship to local dealer for about 5k net.

All and all let’s do this asgain soon


Are these all on personal credit or LLC? How do you justify when someone runs credit and see 10+ leases in one year? :crazy_face:

About half of them are through my business (corp) with me as a guarantor so those don’t show up on personal credit. But since most are closed quickly it’s not like they’re seeing 10 active leases. And with a credit score over 800 they figure I’m good for making the payments.

Only blip was about a month ago when CCAP wanted income verification. Sent my taxes and it was a non issue.


My public statement: didn’t profit on any vehicles this year and can’t recall the number I’ve had.


This will be fun. Lots of trade-ins this year…

3x Model 3, 3x Model Y, 1x Model S (7x Tesla), 1x Jeep Wrangler, 1x Ford Lighting

Looking for one more Christmas miracle.


Everyone doing their tax return like

Joe Biden GIF by Election 2020


NYS limit is 5 for individual per year. Only sold 1 car this year, 2005 LX470. Might sendoff the Etron before year ends. Hellcat days away from reaching the dealer and looks like it will start off 2023.

I don’t know what any of this means. What is going on?

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Just folks reminiscing about the good times before the newly minted Tax Stormtrooper army comes a knocking.


Ser, the Stormtrooper army (all 70K+ of them) will be going after the gazillionaires…Unless you’re one of the aforementioned gazillionaires, you have nothing to worry about.

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The stormtroopers need to learn how to hit first so they will do low hanging fruit first…aka YOU

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What are you guys talking about?someone please fill me in thanks :pray:t4:


Agreed, as I’m completely lost here.

Flip?? As in people have purchased/leases a vehicle, then turned around and sold it for a profit?

I couldn’t fathom the idea.

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I’m trying to use google translator to see if it auto detects all this strange language, but not even that is working here.

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IRS agent has entered the chat


Joe Biden Lol GIF


That’s why I’m confused. Things don’t work that way.

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