How low (% below msrp) can I negotiate a 2021 toyota corolla in december 2020?


my lease ends this Wednesday, i was looking for 2020 corolla models but not many dealerships have it even in stock nor the color i want. I was thinking they could be alot more easier to negotiate because 2021 is around the corner.

by the looks of it, i might just get a 2021. in your opinion, how low can i negotiate a 2021 toyota corolla LE when its not even 2021 yet? Is it harder now than it is if lets say it was later in the year?

should i aim minimum 10% below MSRP?? whats usually your target?

thank you

Corolla is one of the giveaway models of the Toyota lineup, Dealer Discount on it is pretty aggressive all year round (Shouldn’t vary much if you get it today vs in 3 months/6 months). Im not as familiar with the NJ market but I’d say 10%+ should be easy


thanks Jeff.

mrsp is also known as sticker price right? and if you go to the show room, they have all sorts of corolla LEs but with different sticker prices because of extras they have inside it and etc.

if i just want a base LE, will Kelly Blue Book do enough justice? because when i negotiate over the phone im assuming im negotiating the cap cost of a car based off the MSRP estimated on KBB.

thank you

MSRP/Sticker Price are the same thing. They will vary by hundreds of dollars on the Corolla LE because of different accessories (Floor mats, door edge guards, rear bumper protector, cargo net)

I wouldn’t use Kelly Blue book at all, I would negotiate yourself or see what a broker is able to offer you for the NJ region


No… Just no.

You need to take a gigantic step back and spend a while researching what goes in to a lease, how it’s structured, etc before you even start to consider reaching out to a dealer to negotiate a deal. Start with the leasing 101 section and read through the material several times… And then only do everything over email.


As Matt (@mllcb42) mentions, you need to do a lot more reading and research. If you don’t want to go thru the process and time for this, you may be better off w/ a broker.

What are you looking to spend a month for your lease payment? There are local NY/NJ/PA brokers who can get you into a Corolla for under $200/mo w/ tax, tags and DMV fees DAS, or a Camry for sub $250/mo w/ same fees up front.

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Keep in mind a Corolla lease is $500+ more than advertised if you buy GAP from TFS… all competitors include it for free

how would you negotiate the selling price of car? i asked for 10% off msrp, dude was like thats not possible lmao

initially he was giving me a selling price of 2.5% i said hell no.

Set a reasonable, but aggressive target. Reach out to as many dealers as it takes to find someone that’ll do your deal.


I spoke to many dealers today. im still working on my negotiation skills but this the only deal i could get so far. i called 5 dealerships…

What is your target price? What is your target price based on?

im just trying to go as low as possible tbh lol.

atleast the 1% rule. so $200 or less on the monthly with less than 2k due at lease which i got ~$1500 so far

i read through all the leasehacker 101 tools. still soaking everything in but alot of good info… enough for me to set up this template.

I’d recommend setting a real target based on actual info rather than setting your targets based on hopes, dreams, and BS percentage rules that tell you nothing.

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Forget the 1% rule.

Forget the Corolla LE.

Forget anything from Toyota or Mazda that wants to charge you $500-800 for something that everyone else offers for free (GAP).

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my negotiated selling price is based on a bunch of dealership current prices on their website for the corolla 2021 LE and good/fair price estimations on edmunds as well.

since theyre literally brand new, idk where else i can go to negotiate any lower that will back up my support on negotiating it lower than im asking.

its not like theyre sitting lots like some luxury cars do, corollas always sell a bunch.

Comparable deals and broker offers here are a much better place to establish a pre-incentive discount target on.

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broker dealers?? where do i locate them?? and how do I approach that over the phone?

like “oh i spoke with a broker offering X monthly lease based on the a pre incentive selling price at X… can you match?”

The marketplace threads here is a good place to go, as is the link posted above.

Personally, I don’t negotiate over the phone. I do everything over email. I tell the dealer the price I’m willing to do and that if they accept my price, I’ll be there in an hour to sign. If they say no, I move on. There are many threads here on negotiation strategies.

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oh wow over email? interesting. and in regards to the price do you mean the selling price your willing to negotiate the monthly over? and do you spill everything in one email, sort of straight to the point to not waste time? such as including the mf, rv etc?

i really appreciate the quick responses… def a life saver.

I break everything out. I have had better luck with that. Others prefer to just state the monthly/das amount. What’s ultimately most important is that you’re targeting a reasonable number and that you’re clear about your seriousness in moving forward should they accept your offer.

Also, if you’re going to break everything out, you better be damn sure you have all your numbers right or your offer is going straight to the trashcan.