How bad of a deal is this and how do I fix it?

Hi, I’m obviously new here. I’m helping my elderly parents find a car that can fit two walkers and grocery’s in the back, something upscale but not giant, and we have decided on a 2019 Acura MDX w/Tech or Advanced.

So I went to a local dealer yesterday and there’s an enormous discount for the MDX Tech between sticker and what they are selling it for. MSRP is $52,295. Sales price is $40,838.

Edmunds (and the dealer) says the residual value is 53%. The MF is .00215. $8500 in incentives.

This is what the dealer wants:

$526 a month with 3k down for 36/12k, which is nowhere in the ballpark of other recent deals for this vehicle I’ve seen here or what the calculator tells me.

This is going to be the first lease I’ve negotiated. I’m in New England - CT - and have contacted a couple dealers whose names I’ve seen on some forums from people who claim they were able to get good deals.

How should I approach this? Is there anything I can do or is this the best there is right now? How am I seeing people in the same area getting $500/mo with $1000 das?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Here’s my calculator link:

Nobody is entitled to the same deal. You have to work for it. Offer them what you feel is fair, if they accept, great. If they decline, you either cave in to what they want, continue to look at dealers further and further away or look at something completely different.

There’s no secret formula other than persistence and the willingness to travel.

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples first though and don’t offer a deal at 500/mo with a different residual or MSRP than you initially saw, or you’ll look silly to them and be ignored


Hire a broker. I’ve wasted so many hours figuring out and trying to win, my time is way more valuable than the benefit. Pay 500 to someone like benedetto or mani or Boston car concierge


Why does your calculator have no incentives? If they are already in the sales price, then you are doing it wrong. So that’s where you need to start. Work on the sales price BEFORE incentives.


If that is the correct MF that is a killer… 5% interest in an era of record low rates

That alone is adding over $5,000 in rent over 36 months



Here’s a calculator with the incentives removed from selling price and in the correct spot. It looks like you’re only getting 5.7% off pre-incentives. If you could get 10% off pre-incentive, you’d be a lot closer to your goal. I don’t know the market on MDXs, but that doesn’t seem like an unreasonable discount. Also, I noticed on other posts, the MSRP is usually lower by $5k or so compared to your deal. A lower MSRP vehicle with a higher discount will always be a cheaper monthly payment.

Corrected Calculator


Thanks. Since the MF is set with Acura’s leasing company, is there anything I can do about it, or is it set in stone?

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Yes, it’s set in stone. You have to mitigate the high MF with big discounts/incentives.


(louder for people in the back) HONDAS DON’T LEASE WELL.

If this was the car they WANTED, hack it. If you need to put them and a couple walkers in a grocery getter, you might be on the wrong car.

My XC60 had the same MSRP and the MF was 0.00081 before MSDs :nail_care:t2:


So MF and RV are set, you just want to check over at Edmunds what they are for the model your interested in, to make sure the dealer is not playing game and inflating the MF.


Thank the dealer for their help and move on to another brand.


Or consider financing the car at 2-3% with your credit union if this is the one you want.

Honda’s typically don’t lease well, but in the past many of the Acura “twins” have leased better than Honda. Current Honda MF across the board seem to be much lower than usual right now.


If you verified their MF and RV, and the dealer is firm on the discount, you might try another dealer or look for a loaner/demo car which gives you a better discount. It looks like there’s still room on the current discount before incentives. Also try involve in more dealers to compete.

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Acuras do lease well out here in southern California.
Don’t just focus on the relatively high interest rate/MF as it’s offset by the large $8500 lease cash.
As stated above by others, shop around via email to other dealers for the exact same equipment, year, trim, to earn a lower sales price as that will be the way to a lower lease cost.


Maybe consider working with Bostoncarconcierge

He recently made a great offer also,

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Thank you! He reached out :slight_smile:


How do you know unless you actually grind the deal yourself? With 3-4 hours of work firing e-mails, I’ve been able to beat quite of a few of the broker deals consistently on cars for myself or my friends. I’ve saved anywhere from 1.5K - 3K on total cash flow compared to some really well known brokers quotes with pretty minimal effort. I don’t value my time at $400/hr on an after tax basis.


X100 for @Bostoncarconcierge you won’t be disappointed!!


Thanks brother!


“Don’t just focus on the relatively high interest rate/MF as it’s offset by the large $8500 lease cash.”

True, but hard to overcome 5% interest on a 52K MSRP vehicle even with a healthy discount for EOY and… That’s building in 150 a month just for the rent charge

Gotta focus on a bigger discount, buy and finance cheaper or look for a different SUV. And also let Boston try to work some magic for you