How am I doing here? - An 2019 Audi S4 for $650?


Hey Hackers, what are your thoughts about following?
Audi S4 Prem. Plus
MSRP = $62,595
Sale = $56K
DAS = 1st payment only
Incentives = $3,500 off
MF = .00085
Residual = 51%
Payment = $650 (no tax in Oregon)

What’s the selling price before incentive? I think you should be around $550 to say it’s a good deal…

1.3% of MSRP. Something stinks here.

Nothing stinks–Audi has low residuals. 51%! Looks like a good deal on s4

OP needs to post more details…

Sell price, incentives, full cap (sign and drive) or inception DAS.

Good point. Updated. Thanks for taking a look.

You are dreaming if you think you can get a 62K S4 with no money down and no MSDs for $550. This deal isn’t terrible but you should shoot for 12% discount and your money factor is marked up. It should be 00055.


How do you arrive at this number?

So many people on here just pull numbers out of their butts thinking every deal should be a unicorn 300/mo 65k car without any idea what real pricing looks like. I’d love to get one of those crazy 4 series deals but I don’t qualify for loyalty which is a requirement. 550 for an s4 with only first month just isn’t happening.


How about $600? :slight_smile: Lets at least make this a 1% deal!

For sure! That is what I am aiming for.

Thinking I can talk them down on sales price some and address the overages on MF and we should be at about $600 / mo. (fingers crossed)

Here is the calculator I ran - Does this look right?

Yes, we have to reasonable for sure. They have families too :slight_smile:

If you want $600, you have to ask for $550…dont get your cards out right away!

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I would suggest Audicare and MSDs.

MSDs? He’s at 1.5%!!! What is up with people on this site thinking MSDs always make sense. It would save $40 a month on $6k is MSDs. That’s an 8% return. Not bad but not worth locking up the capital imo.

Depends how “disposable” 6K is to OP. Presumably if they can afford a ~$600 payment they should be able to afford that as well.


I have no clue about OP’s position. But I think you’re giving the world far, far too much credit. (Pun totally intended)



I’m with you there Buckeye. Granted I have gotten a little greedy when it comes to hacking leases (havent we all!), when I calculate out an MSD return for a car and it is only like 11 or 12%, it does seem a little disappointing😁. Obviously that is still a great return, but on some cars when it is like 25-30% it sets the bar rather high✔️

Pretty much MSDs always do make sense. Just depends if the discount off MSRP, RV and MF do as well. If OP can get a little more discount and base MF this looks like a pretty good deal for that car. Not everyone is looking for a 430i

No one is going to develop a commercial building with $6,000 in “capital.”