Hoping I didn't get too screwed on this lease

We just got our first lease on a 2019 Mazda CX-5 AWD, Touring w/ Preferred Package. My girlfriend got talked into the tire & wheel protection, but we are going to cancel that so it should be a credit on our lease, but just noticing that the “VIN etching” that the salesman said was already done on all of the cars is “optional”. Is there anything else that we got screwed on based on this image below?

Trying to learn any tricks for the future.

2019 Mazda CX-5 Touring AWD, with preferred package
MSRP: $30,435
Selling price: $29.142
Tax (NYC): $974.71
Acquisition Fee: $595
License and Registration Fees: $350
Dealer Doc Fees: $499
10k mi/yr, 36mo
Monthly: $306/mo ($290 before the tire warranty)
Residual: $18,869

You already got the car, enjoy it!

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If I’m reading this correctly (it’s hard on a phone), you have a payment of $306 and put down over $3000? If so, yikes. Cancel the tire insurance and ask before signing next time so you don’t get taken to the cleaners again

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The payments before the tire warranty is $291, I do live in NYC and have to pay taxes up front for all lease payments.

You don’t have to pay it up front. It can be rolled into the lease. Maryland has a tax situation much worse than NY on leases. NY certainly isn’t the best state to get a lease, but nowhere near the worst

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I’m sorry. You’re correct. We decided to pay it up front.

Also, are there any specific things I should look out for next time?

Why should you not pay taxes up front? Don’t you end up paying interest on taxes then? Illinois buyer here
Thanks in advance

If the car is totaled you lose the thousands you paid in taxes upfront. If it is rolled in, you don’t lose it. The interest isn’t that much (especially on a Mazda that frequently has a low MF). The interest you pay is minimal and it isn’t worth tying the money up whereas it could be earning you interest in the bank


Do you about how to calculate my taxes to add onto lease payment? Is it purchase price x tax rate/monthly lease payment to get approximate?

Use the calculator

Yes you got screwed on the sales price. Not the worst deal ever so enjoy and at least you learned on a cheap car.

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Effective $383/mo, ouch

Easy just find a new girlfriend. Jk

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Car Buying 101 (Year 1999 Edition):

  1. Do not bring the gf/wife/sister/mom when negotiating a car.

Car Buying 101 (Year 2019 Edition):

  1. Do not bring the ______ when negotiating a car.

Could you explain how this number gets calculated? Wondering what a proper number would be. Also what should I be looking out for in the future and where did I go wrong. Trying to learn as much from this experience to not make the same mistakes again.

Not the worst, not the best, $3k down was a mistake- don’t do it next time and pray the car doesn’t get totaled.

I don’t think anyone gets particularly good deals on these cars. If you paid a price you’re ok with for a car you like… well, you’ll live.

If you ever wonder while shopping for a car: “I hope I didn’t get screwed on this lease” - DON’T SIGN AND TAKE DELIVERY.

But I’ll be honest, we’ve seen a lot worse. Enjoy the car and check back here before signing the next one.


So it looks like total DAS was $3086 plus the monthly of $306 x 35=$10710, $10710+$3086=$13796 total cost, so with just first payment DAS you’d looking at $13796/36=$383ish/mo

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Going off on a tangent here… so what about a one-pay lease? All the money is upfront, which is against everyone’s rule of 0 DAS. Is there a break even point, or is it mostly just how I wanna gamble my chances? In my case (Tacoma) the savings was about $40 per month, plus I don’t need GAP.