Honda Residuals

I went to a Honda dealer this morning to price a CRV and HRV EXL lease and they wouldn’t give me the sales number (they just said MSRP) or the residual. Has anyone ever experienced that and what do I do/ does anyone have the residuals? On a 36/7.5 sign and drive HRV their first offer was $370.

Find another dealer 2020

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Don’t go to the dealer in person to talk numbers. Separate the test drive/vehicle inspection process from negotiation. If necessary, investigate vehicles at a local Carmax who has several of the vehicles you are considering so you can investigate side by side.

google “Honda CR-V money factor residual” for all the numbers

note: Honda numbers are national

mf is high (0.00220)
residual is high (good)
zero incentives

note from edmunds: “Honda does not offer a 10K allowance; 36/12 numbers are…”
I doubt that is a HFS lease quote

Hondas just don’t lease well right now. Getting a good deal is nearly impossible with their current programs so it makes more sense to buy.

If a dealer won’t give you the money factor and residual in person I would not work with them.

I would also advise against leasing a CRV at the moment due to high MF and lack of current incentives. For the money spent on a CRV EXL you could lease a RDX.

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We have a 2015 CRV with HFS at 10k. We were also offered 7.5k.

Interesting, i was quoting the edmunds moderator…

Check out the GMC Terrain

The CRV has never leased well. Most Honda don’t…

why? because they sell so well and Honda doesn’t have to give any incentives. You can clearly see the high MF and no bonus/dealer cash. Bad deal. When they actually discount a CRV (model end clearout) they will only discount the LX (base models) and that discount is modest, at most.

Heck even the Accord is leasing like crap right now. Like someone above said, look at the Terrain or Equinox. Much better deals and quite frankly, better optioned than the CRV.

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In before the… just lease a Infiniti QX60. WAY more car for less money.

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Whenever Honda advertises a lease for a specific model it accounts for all models. I.e the pilot EXL lease that’s being advertised has loads of dealer cash and a low money factor. It applies to all pilot models though.

Honda just announced that their accord sales were down 20% yoy. Dealer inventories are piling up. I would expect them to announce an aggressive deal very soon

Not sure about the Pilot but I know for sure the CRV LX (Base model) was the only model in the lineup with the additional $500 bonus cash available. This was a few years ago. I had a friend who leased one and he wanted to jump up to an EX and it was wayyyy more than the LX (of course, no addtl bonus cash)

I’ve leased several Hondas. You’ll never see any LEASEHACKR worthy deal on any Honda. The Accords lease decently, but nothing to brag home about.

It’s that $9k down that really makes them hurt.


oh yeah. Im sure next month Accords will be $220 again on a sign and drive

Ahahaha. Well played, sir.

Accords have MASSIVE MSRP discounts right now. $3-4k off MSRP depending on trim level is not difficult with some work. I have seen some getting close to $5k off Touring models. Definitely makes much more sense to buy than to lease. I have never, ever seen this type of discount on a Honda that wasn’t a model year end closeout - and it’s the first model year of a new generation. Marysville is now also capable of CR-V production to balance out slower Accord sales, so I doubt if Honda will ever incentive the leases as strongly as others do when since they should be able to reduce production and drop inventory to “normal” levels.

I’m pretty familiar with Honda’s as I sell them. Maybe there was a special program when you got your CR-V. Each region has its own deals.

Civics lease pretty well right now! I got mine for 199/mo th 199 down plus sales tax in February. On a EX 15k miles. Not an Accord like I wanted.

Do you have any suggestions as I want to go from a MDX to a CRV Ex L due to the trunk space. We rarely have a 6th person but want the same or greater trunk space of the third row down of the MDX.

For sedans Accords are slowly catching up to TLX’s for palatable lease deals. I still think Acura is holding a slight edge due to the massive dealer cash being thrown at them but the gap is definitely closing.