Honda Odyssey 2021 Touring Trim TX 425 pr month - 1000 Down 36m/12k

So here is my deal i got this Saturday. The deal was done completely online, hassle free. No in person meeting to close the final contract. Car delivered to my driveway. I am loving this new direction being taken in texas dfw finally. Makes it easier to negotiate over the phone.

Firstly our family review on why we chose it (in case other families are looking for input):

I looked at all brands for 2021: Pacifica, Sienna and Odyssey.

Where odyssey leads:

  1. Odyssey by far has the most comfortable third row. Seats are more comfortable. I (6ft + was able to sit with enough head room in the third row).
  2. Odyssey has a better road grip feel to it compared to its competitors. (it still is a minivan)
  3. Gives you that v6 buzz when dads need to punch the engine at times :smiley:
  4. More incentivized at the time of writing this post (especially since 30th was the dealership’s month end where they work with you and 2022 hit the lots this friday in DFW)
  5. No Differences compared to 2022 except for the red color they started offering in 2022. Luckily the last batch of 2021 had a few come out in the same red and i got that same color. Honda Vac isnt part of the elite trim in 2022 but not my concern as it is not offered in touring at all and i am not a fan of it. The suction power isnt that strong. My dyson does well.
  6. With the center seat removed from second row, i love the slide and glide you can do with the second row to make both sides open for people to hop into the third row.

Where it lacks:

  1. No major refresh to the interior in a while.
  2. No moonroof for the third row
  3. Floor is a tiny bit higher compared to sienna so in the third row, your legs (For taller people) may not stretch out that much but it is not that noticeable.
  4. Removing the seats isnt as easy as Pacifica’s stow and go.

Sienna was first on my list till I drove it. Engine is just too noisy when the hybrid terrain relies on fuel (thank you cvt). Yes, it has great MPG but they could have isolated the engine noise from the cabin a bit more but they did not.

Will update the details below as soon as I get my contract in hand. I saw it last night when they came to get my signatures briefly. Will get the final copy by Monday.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Honda odyssey 2021 Touring
Color: Red
Haggled: Contacted 7 dealers and only two competed with each other. Some walked away saying they could never compete and some were stupid enough to say they knew tax credits wasn’t a thing and good luck to me in getting those in texas … lol

MSRP: $ 43,620.00
Add Ons (blessed dealer overpriced BS): Paint Protect + Tint + Honda Propack + Pin stripes = 799 + 299 + 599 + 299
Selling Price: will post once i get my original copy monday. For now, if you need to, i posted details of the deal to some extent here: 2021 Honda Odyssey Touring
Monthly Payment: $ 435 with tax included( 425 basic with 10 dollar added for ding dent and shield protection)
Drive-Off Amount: 565 paid to them as part of acquisition fee with first month payment of 435 made (1000 total out the door)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
Residual: 62
Incentives: Tax credits (more to come when i get my contract copy)
Discount: end of month (more to come when contract comes in)
Region: TX


For clarity, $1000 total out the door means your due at sale/drive off was $1000, not $565.

What does this mean? What does end of the month have to do with the incentives?

Read my comment again. It mentioned the first month down and 565.

I read your comment, that’s why I was clarifying for others.

Your due at sale was $1000. First month’s payment is included in the due at sale amount, it isn’t separate.

Not always true in texas.

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Always true everywhere. The due at sale amount is the amount due, at sale.

You can certainly structure a lease that doesn’t include a monthly payment amount in the due at sale by having the first payment waived, but the amount due at sale is literally the amount due at sale, whatever it is made up of.

The details of my post were pretty clear. I clearly explained how the 1000 down was structured. I am not sure what point you are trying to make here.

I’m trying to make a clarifying statement for future people who read this and try to use the data for comparison on their deals.

Same reason I asked for clarification on the incentives.

I am more than happy to have my listing Removed if you do not believe in month end incentives.

I dont get that a trusted lease hackr is asking these questions and for what clarity. If you go to get a deal at month end directly, you can get the best discount possible if you know how to work with the dealership. Years ago when I got an mdx and updated the entry here I made the dealership give me a 1500 incentive as it was a month end, i had given them 12 clients, 4 family friends and I used that as an advantage to get that incentive which was not advertised anywhere or by edmunds… and I ended up with the most competitive deal in tx.

There’s a difference between a dealer offering a discount at the end of the month, to meet sales volume, etc and a manufacturer sponsored incentive. There are cases where manufacturers offer direct to dealer bonus cash that the dealer can choose to apply on rare occasion, yes, but generally an end of month improvement to the deal is a result of the dealer reaching deeper. The relevance in a shared deal is for normalizing the data for comparison shopping. A larger dealer discount labeled as a non-descript incentive doesn’t help people better understand the deal, where as a recognition of a larger dealer discount and what that is does.

People conflate dealer discounts with incentives all the time. If we are going to have useful information for people to utilize, it’s best to properly identify them. Same story with the DAS.

Ok cool. Updated to reflect.

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Thank you. Just trying to keep the info as useful as possible for everyone.

I’m going through a similar minivan seach. Need a 2021/2022 replacement for my 2018 Pacifica. My priorities are cargo space, comfort and fuel economy. Not crazy about the Honda dash layout compared to the new Pacifica but I know Honda makes the better vehicle and its likely to lease better (3yr residual values are great right now) or hold its value if purchased. Sienna (I’ve owned 3 in the past) is no longer an option as I can’t remove the middle row seats. At this time, I’m wavering between the Pacifica Touring L (with some option packages) and the Odyssey Touring. Last week I was looking at the plug-in Pacifica Hybrids but the recent cold weather here in NJ has me reconsidering (the van will be parked in the driveway). Hoping for some decent incentives in Feb to help me finalize my purchase/lease.

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Search for 2021s if you go with a Honda and want a great deal… residuals may change slightly in feb as the 2022s have landed. But who knows they lower the MF on the outgoing 2021s.

You should still be able to get a good deal. I am sure from next week they will want to force the 2021s off the lot quickly as 2022s come in. I spoke with the GM directly when working with honda and was told 2022s arrived on their lot this Friday and they have manufacturer’s green light to go above and beyond to get the 2021s out before feb 1st. Tax credits they told me were being applied to 2021 to encourage more sales on it.

I checked both 2021 and 2022 out, no difference except for elite doesn’t have honda vac in 2022 anymore.

Congrats! Nice color!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Just to add for people looking into Hondas. Please get the ding dent and shield at least if you plan to do a lease return. Honda and acura are the worst to deal with if you just want to return the lease at the end and not get another car from them. I know two people who paid alot just for simple dings at return and were told that it could have been avoided if they had added the protection.

Or just pay for PDR out of pocket if necessary rather than prepaying for the same repair. After all, you might not have any damage or less than expected.

Honda also has pretty good loyalty-based waiver for damage up to a certain point; I don’t believe in staying with the same brand forever just for that or to avoid disposition, but again it’s better than prepaying for damage repair.

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