Honda CR-V Lease Question

So I contacted 6 Honda dealerships near me and basically told them I’m shopping numbers and one of the dealers closest to me sent me this offer. I just want to run it by you all in case I’m missing something…

2019 CR-V EX AWD Dark Olive Metallic
MSRP: $29,965
Selling Price: $24,945 (including $750 CR-V Cash Incentive and $500 Conquest Incentive)
Doc Fee: $199
Acquisition Fee: $595
Splash Guards: $156
Sales Tax: 7.738% (63146)
Terms: 36mos/15k
MF: .00069
RV: 59%
Monthly Payment: $299.44 a month first payment due at signing

Considering this is almost $30-40 lower than the rest of the dealers from whom I’ve received offers, I kinda feel like the dealership is taking a small bath on this one for either monthly sales incentives or maybe this color is unpopular and they’re trying to get it off their lot. Also, the two other dealers that quote me did not have the Conquest and Cash Incentives this dealer included. Does this all look kosher to everyone else?

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That’s REALLY good. Probably the best CRV lease I’ve ever seen.

All you need to do is make sure that the dealer doesn’t add anything to the cap cost. No protection packages or any BS like that.

And I like the weird green!!!


LOL… Yeah, when they sent me the offer, I had to do a double take and instantly asked if they were including sales tax. I’m still a little stupefied, but the numbers seem to add up so far. When I saw they had offered the CR-V in green, I knew it was for me… I mean, my last name is green. I guess the weird green is playing in my favor!

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I love ‘odd’ colored cars! They stand out. Previously I had a metallic brown Acura TL :rofl:

You can always do another round of emails to everyone and ask if anyone is willing to blow it away.

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That’s the plan! I’ll keep y’all posted. In the meantime I’m still open to any critiquing of the deal!


I have got a quote for the 2WD version (EX), in Florida.

The monthly payment with %8.5 tax (Included) and all the fees is $342, first payment due at signing.

Is it too terrible?

You could probably do better, but then again, the incentives in my area seem to be better than everywhere else right now. If you haven’t already, what you should do is contact all of the Honda dealerships near you or that you are willing to travel to and let them know up front that you are shopping rates. That is how I was able to get my deal. If you are willing to deal with all of the phone calls and email responses, a fast way to do it is to build the model you want on or and have those websites send out messages to all of the participating dealerships nearby. They will all pretty much pounce on you and the ones more desperate to get rid of their vehicles will be pretty fast to respond.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I have chosen the traditional way of finding all the dealerships in the 150 miles radius and sending them emails one by one.
Also, I forgot to mention that the deal I was offered is 12/36.

I tried, but did not manage to find how to send customized msg to all the dealers.

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Also, please let me know what you end up with.

I am personally indifferent between RAV4 xLE and CRV EX.

I will report my quotes here too!

Following ur advice, just got a deal for 299+tax :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing your info. I assume this is with $0 down payment?

What state are you in? TIA!

All details of the offer are listed above. I’m in St Louis, MO.

Cool, thank you. I figured that was the case. Seems like a good offer.

Hey Jordan,

My local Honda dealership is stating that the $750 CR-V cash requires ownership of a current Honda?

From one of the salesman in a nearby city I was reaching out to. They couldn’t match the deal because they had no allotment of this incentive to use.

“…the $750 Incentive is a limited incentive where a dealership only gets allotted a certain amount of Certificates, and the dealer can use them however they want up to $750 per car deal.”

So he clarified that the $750 is “conquest” and the $500 is “loyalty”, plus my military for $1750 in incentives.

I’m at $275/mo with taxes (4.15% sales tax on the sales price of the vehicle in VA), $0 DAS, only first month for 36/12k on an EX AWD with mudguards, wheel locks and cargo liner.


Heres the breakdown -

MSRP (includes destination): $29,695
Savings: $4,907.76
Military: $500
Adjusted Price: $24,287.24
Acquisition Fee: $595
Processing Fee: $799
Tax: $1,090.26
DMV Fees: $124.32
Total Price: $26,895.82

12k miles per year 36 month lease = $275
15k miles per year 36 month lease = $291

$0 due at signing.

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Damn… That’s a good deal. Congrats! I just had another dealer quote me $9 below my other offer… $290 EX AWD 36/15k but his numbers seem a little wonky. I’m still waiting for them to get back to me with an actual lease worksheet showing their math.

What’s the conquest incentive for $500?

I know if you own a Honda already and go into another lease they give $750 loyalty cash!

My friend is shopping the CRV EX-L AWD they already has a Honda lease that’s almost up so he would be able to qualify for $750 loyalty cash and $500 conquest?

They were quoted the following:

$1200 up front and $390 a month
The CR-V touring $440!

He didn’t specify sale and MSRP or money factor so there is much work needed to be done. The numbers they gave are quite Ludacris

We just got a EX-L (MSRP was 32k or 33k) for true 0 sign and drive and got $330 tax in.

Not trophy worthy but wife is happy with all the safety features and for the price, I’m good. Took 3 emails and might have been able to do better but wife’s car was totaled and she needed something rather quick.
I like driving my Giulia a whole lot more but it’s a real nice ride.

good luck.


That doesnt seem like a bad deal at all for an EX-L. I didnt need the extra stuff like memory seats, leather and power liftgate. You get alot of car for the money with these.