Honda CR-V e-xl

Hello trying to see if this is a good deal

2019 Honda CR-V ex-l
MSRP: 32, 145
Sale price : 29,095
36m/10,000 miles

Residual :62
MF: 0.00069

Monthly lease rate : 305
Drive off : 1900$ , taxes , first month , fees only .

Zip : 08691

So went back and renegotiated

MSRP: 32,195
Sale price : 28880

MF: 0.00069
Residual : 62%

Monthly payment 299$
1800 drive off ( taxes, 1st month , and fees )

Feeling a bit better ? Anything else I should look to come off . I know Honda’s don’t lease well

IMO there’s more meat on the bone. Multiple users are getting 15%+ off. What incentives do you qualify for? How many Honda dealers are you working with?

I don’t think I qualify for any .
Not military , not new grad

Why is your MSRP so high? I thought EXL MSRP was about $31k. Do they have options tacked on?

And have you taken this offer to other dealers? I’d call around to at least 5 other dealers in your area… tell them you’re leasing a CRV this weekend and are shopping offers. Tell them what you have on the table and give them a chance to beat it. Some won’t give you a price without coming in - and some won’t give a price unless you have an offer in writing. But most will give you a price if they know you’re serious.

The dealer I bought from originally gave me a sales price of $27,500. But after I got offers from other dealers, he knocked another $2,000 off my sales price.

Isn’t there loyalty and/or conquest available??

I’ve called around - right now I’m at the dealership and they c hanged the residual to 56% .

I know that’s wrong .

The is the AWD . Trying to come down to close to 28000 which is about 12.9 % but I think he is messing with me

Just loyalty for $500 09 Honda or newer

What’s realistic % off the MSRP for a Honda CRV EXL lease .

No incentives available . I understand they don’t lease well … but can’t seem to budget monthly for a purchase as I have other leases as well

So final offer I got

MSRP: 31,195
Sale : 27,280

MF: 0.0068
Residual : 61%


Total due : 711 (1st month and dmv )
Monthly : 318

Im I getting a good deal , what should I say ?