Honda Civic Type R

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Has anyone had any good experience recently leasing a Type R. Most dealers are charging over MSRP but I have found a few that are no (37,320)t. They are ball parking leases around $670/mo for 36mo with only like $1000 down. Are these vehicles just not leasing well? High MF? Any input would be appreciated.

This is the best Type R lease Ive seen here.

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This car is a buy if you can, residuals are very high for used market due to dealers trying to sell over MSRP on new ones. 670 a month is 110 more than I pay for an M340 36/12 61K msrp.

Just wait for @HondaSoCal



Sitting on pins and needles!

Yeah these things just do not depreciate.

I drove one with 6k miles on Friday, they were asking 36k. What an incredible car!!! Reminded me a lot of the S2000 but much faster and better handling. Very intense for a DD.

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Yeah and the crazy part is the dealer will likely have multiple offers on that 36K used car. They are absolutely a blast on a track literally no torque steer and you can kick the back end on turns offering endless smiles (or for me lots of giggles).

Yeah I told him they had it priced too low.

I want it sooooooo bad.

A friend of mine here in Florida just bought one of these last week. His was a 2017 with 13k on it and he paid barely under MSRP for 2019. So yeah…These cars are not depreciating!

Hey guys sorry it took me so long. Type R’s lease incredibly well at around $800-$1000 per month depending on what state you live in. I would definitely jump on that deal. A single Type-R takes a three years to produce and has to visit 7 different factories in 5 different countries to be properly manufactured. The insurance for the Type R is very reasonable because when you drive by everyone slows down to look at you. That means you’re less likely to get hit by another car. Do keep in mind you’re more likely to get hit on though so I definitely recommend breaking up with any spouse, girlfriend, etc. before finalizing the deal.


When I test drove the CTR, two teenage girls were pointing at it and giggling. They could not control themselves. It’s that good.


My 2016 focus RS still smokes these cars and handles better. They are the nicest car Honda offers right now and they do look pretty cool. Nice interior.

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…Lease for 800-1K/mo?

You could finance it for less.

What’s the math behind that lease? I’ve no idea on the Type R residual (technically it should be a negative value but) here is a hypothetical stack for selling one with 5K above msrp. I still can’t get to 800 / m on it:

Thats because you only factored in a $5k markup. @HondaSoCal will sell you one at $10k markup to get you into that $800-$1k range.


ah, so I should avoid him, got it lol. Here is what I had got from one dealer in norcal :slight_smile:

We have been asking for $5,995 over MSRP for our Type R’s plus $895 for the Customer Care, and we have been able to sell them.

Right now we are sold out, but we are expecting another to arrive soon.

I am not sure what we will initially ask, as the market is pretty dynamic right now.

I will know when the vehicle arrives.

Actually, here is my favourite from a while ago:

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I get why dealers do this (same with Hellcat) but there needs to be wiggle room. If I can prove I have financing approved to buy and really sound serious I should be able to drive the thing 5 miles.

How about this. They sell to me at triple net and I’ll take without test drive. You want sticker or better? I’d better get a track day with the damned thing.

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The math is 10k a month directly to me.

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