Honda Civic Sedan EX 2017 lease

Came back from the dealership a few days ago; and was offered 24.1K $ on the EX trim 2017 with 400$ (after taxes) a month.

Was able to bring it down to 20.1$K prior taxes (21.4K$ after taxes) and 270$ (after taxes) a month, 36 months at 12K miles annually and only 370$ out of pocket the day of signing. Is this a good deal, should I take it?

I am currently convinced that I will be able to get 260$ (after taxes) a month at 36 months with 15K miles annually? Should I fight this above? Could I go lower?

Also what is the current MF and RV of the Honda Civic Sedan EX trim 2017 both at 36 month/12K and 36 month/.15K miles?

Please read the intro and use MF/RV forum for the request. Deal looks terrible but you havent posted anything other than MSRP and payment…

Stop, do NOT take the deal.

Read more of the forum or at least search for Honda Civic

Then post numbers you get from the deal, the numbers you need to ask for are the ones you need to plug into the calculator or “by hand”

Some of the numbers you need are here

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They didn’t provide my any numbers and according to this websites lease calculator I could easily get down to 240$ a month after taxes.

On this coming Tuesday… I am going to fight for 230$ a month after taxes and 15k miles.

I was erroneous… according to the caculator, with a current residual of around 60% and the MF being .00100 (the numbers I believe the dealership are working with); I could lease the vehicle with 260$ after taxes with a selling price of 19.3k$ prior taxes.

My final offer is going to be:

Selling price prior taxes: 19.3$ [20699$ after taxes (6% off MSRP)]
Residual: 60%
MF: .00100
Miles: 15k (45,000 @ 36 months)
Monthly Payment: 260$

Should I fight with them on the MF too or leave it alone; honestly what I listed above I am completely content with but any more suggestions or extraneous advice would be appreciated.

Do you have issues with your credit? As posted above, the MF should be .0008 not .001. I know some people who don’t like confrontation who would rather pay the extra, than bring up the MF issue, if thats the case and you’re OK with the payment just pull the trigger. It looks like the MF difference only changes the payment by around $7 per month.

The numbers I’m getting are slightly different, but there are some things I don’t know about (down payment, acquisition fees, documentation fees, licenses, how whatever state you’re in charges tax on a lease, etc).

With a 60% RV and the .001 MF you posted, I’m getting the same car (same 6% discount) for $239.06 and the .0008 MF for $232.36 per month.

Just so you know youre unlikely to get much price break esrly in the month and on new model year.

What state do you live in and what is your tax rate?

You keep stating selling price “after tax” and monthly payment “after tax”…which is it? Never heard of a state that taxes the vehicle price AND the monthly payment.

I live in Charlotte, NC… tax rate is 7.25%. My credit is appalling, however, my Dad is cosigning with me and his credit is stellar, high 700’s/low 800’s.

I am going back tomorrow… what should I fight for? I really need 45,000 @ 36 months rather than 12k, I am cognizant this affects the residual.

Do you think 20.699$ price after taxes is decent?

Why? Does it have something to do with the beginning of the year?

According to Truecar (should I cite this website?) under 21K after taxes represents an exceptional deal. Is this erroneous?

Truecar is way off most of the time in my experience. Good for the average person, not anybody on this forum who knows what they’re doing.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

What do you think of this offer?

Selling price after taxes: 20699$ (Charlotte,NC tax rate 7.25%)
MF: .0010 (Should I fight to get them to .0008 I am pretty confident that this .00100 is the MF they are utilizing)
Residual: 62% (Or is it 60%) Honda Civic Sedan EX 2017
Miles: 15k (Currently they are offering 12k but I need those additional 9000 miles)
Out of Pocket: 350 - 370$ (this includes first month’s payment)
Monthly Payment: 260$

What do you think?

Dad is cosigning with me and has excellent credit.

You still didn’t answer @max_g about the taxes. It doesn’t make sense why you would talk about a sales price after taxes and then tax the monthly payment as well. It’s usually one or the other.

A couple things:

  1. What is the after tax price. You are taxed on the lease payment, not the total price of the car. What is the purchase price they are giving you?

  2. The money factor difference is about $10/month.

  3. A dealer near me is advertising $0 down and $158/month on an LX Civic. If you extrapolate that it’s about a 17% discount off of MSRP. I personally want an EX Hatch and I’d use that as a baseline.

I had no idea… well it appears that it’s the sell price thats taxed. At the dealership I was told with my current offer that it would 20163 and then 21400 after taxes…

Run, Atell. The payment is taxed not the selling price. They are playing games and lying.

I only deal via email until I get the offer I want and it has to be in a form of an offer letter. Going to the dealer is a con game. Even after an offer letter they can play games, but I don’t sign anything until the contract matches 100%.

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I really appreciate the warning… so I am still going back tomorrow. I am now going to demand for 12% to 10% of MSRP; and now that I know that only the payment is taxed then I will fight on that count too.

Thanks :slight_smile: I am going to carry my metaphorical weapons and helmet… going to the battlefield, this is war.

I will triple check the final contract I appreciate the warning and anymore advice will be greatly appreciated.