Honda Accord Sport 2.0T Lease offer

First time posting an offer here,
I received the offer below from the dealer on a 2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T. Can someone break this down for me so i can possibly get a leasehackr score? Also wanted to get feedback on wether this is a good deal or not. Thank you.

New : Mileage:10
Vehicle :2018 Honda Accord Color :STILL NIGHT PRL
Type :Sport 2.0T (A10)
Market Value Selling Price 33,195.00
Discount 5,000.00
Adjusted Price 28,195.00
Taxable Fees (Estimated) 66.50
Doc Fee 899.00
Tax 169.24
Non Tax Fees 1,328.00
Balance 30,657.74

Lease Payments Estimated
Cash Down 3,695 2,695 1,695
24 Months 375 420 464
36 Months 318 348 377

Annual Mileage Allowed: 12,000

$1000-$1500 too high on selling price. Doc fee is ridiculous. Just finance if you want it, there’s not much reason to lease these. Check other threads for what you can lease for similar money.

Also ignore the next 500 posts in this thread, that’s all you really need to know.


Thank you.

Run and don’t even look back… Yikes!

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hahahahhahah! potentially up to $528+ a month to lease a 33k Accord? Ask yourself if you really think that’s worth it?

Don’t do any money out of pocket except first month and reg. If you can swing it pay acq fee up front too. That car must have a lot of accessories at that msrp. Either hire a broker or you need more of a discount. Browse around and see what people are paying.

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I wouldn’t even bother with dealer. Run away. I lease a $44k Audi for less.

Also, “market value selling price?” LOL. The Accord Sport 2.0T is priced at $30,310. They are inflating the value by $3k, then making it seem like you are getting a $5k discount. On a car that is a sales disaster for Honda and that people aren’t buying. Do not give this dealer your business!

Bet they are throwing in $500 nitrogen tires and $700 vin etching too, huh?

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Not a good deal. We are talking BMW money here sir.

Yeah, thats no good, i was able to get a 2.0T Sport for my brother in law in the middle of august for $339/month with 0 down, same mileage.

Awesome deal! Can you PM me the dealer?

Market value selling price is so sketchy. But this is why dealers like leases. The OP had to ask if this was a good deal (very smart decision by the way) when it clearly is not.

The first thing OP should do is search for Accord lease ads online. I’m seeing touring models (granted only small engine but still with much higher MSRP) going for 300-350 a month with LX models at 200-300. Now granted ads have to be taken with a grain of salt but when they are consistently way under what you got quoted, you probably are getting taken for a ride.

Honda is not running any discounts on accords. Run away from this deal. You can get a fairly equipped luxury car for that price.

I leased honda’s probably 9-10 years and they seem like they are absolutely awful to lease now.

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Hahaha. Nothing but bad news down there.

I second that! Had a 2016 Accord Sport leased for $202 a month with $202 down. I’m blown away at prices now

2018 2.0T is $5k more than a 2016 was and it’s the first model year of this gen, so I’m not sure it’s that shocking. Did Honda have specific lease incentives when you got yours?

I don’t believe so, just the standard discounts offered over the years

Should be 6k discount total.

I leased a 330xi loaner with 4xxx mikes on it with 1200 down and 415 a month for 36 months and 30,000 miles.

Msrp- $29780.00
Sales price- $27814.00
Taxes- $1668.84
Doc fee- $141.00
Net sales price- $29793.39
MF- 0.0024