Honda Accord Sport 2.0 12k/36months: Please Evaluate before I sign

Location: Long Island, NY
Term: 12k/36 months

Accord Sport 2.0T Automatic (color: still night pearl, dealers only have 1-2 of them)

After going back and forth with a local dealer here is where I’m at, I have not signed yet. I’m really not able to get a better price from here. Any opinion on whether I should sign this ?

D.A.S = 1805 + plate transfer fee ($65) = 1870
Monthly = 289 (35 payments)
Effective monthly: (1870+(289*35))/36 = 332.92

Incentives: Honda Loyalty (750)

Not enough info to know if your friend is leaving money on the table.

With that DAS, that’s essentially $338/month.

Search around the forums for other signed deals. Looks like several in the mid $300s with 12k miles and $1,000 in accessories/add ons.

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@gc2a @HondaSoCal guys any opinion would be appreciated. thanks.

This is a very good deal, grab it!

Ya I mean you been working a deal on this for months and every time I tell you that you’ve got a great deal on your hands! I’d take it and run lol

yes I know your username by heart at this point haha. yeah my lease is finally due and I must act. Just wanted to get some confirmation that this is mostly okay to sign at before I tell dealer hey I’m coming today to sign it.

Thanks @Swift @gc2a

I thought you were asking for a friend and that’s why you couldn’t get details :roll_eyes:

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I originally was and I just did not make a new thread (with my numbers for my deal).
These numbers are for my situation and I do not have grad discount available to me.

So what’s the vehicle selling price?

I have emailed to get it, I doubt they will comply, but lets see…

I’m told it would be 27088

That’s a really good selling price. make sure nothing else is baked into the contract.

what else should I be looking for as in “baked into contract”. I’m familiar with regular bs like nitrogen air or paint protection etc. I will have the opportunity to review contract in person prior to signing it.

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I signed the contract today, delivery Tom. No surprises so far.

Should I get the tire/wheel protection for these low profile tires ? They were telling me insurance won’t cover wheels and tires if they burst from potholes.

Obviously I said okay I will think about it and not pay for the advertised offer right away.

Or is this something I should call my insurance (Geico) about tire/wheel coverage ?

I wouldn’t on a lease. I paid like $550 for wheel/tire/dent/ding but I own mine and coverage is for 5 years. Haven’t had a flat tire in 36k miles but I’ve had some dings and curb rash taken care of with it. Takes a lot to bend an OEM wheel.

Are there any 3rd party sites that would cover rims and tires for cheap?

Just as an example I found to get gap coverage for waaaaay cheaper in place of Toyota’s gap offered in finance (my car insurance doesn’t cover gap here in NJ). $288 for 3 years.

Right, but you aren’t in NY, correct, @chrishs2000? The roads around here are getting worse and worse. My tires on my 2017 S60 weren’t exactly low profile, but I hit a massive pothole that swallowed a few other cars at about the same time, and bye bye tire! I was surprised I didn’t crack the rim considering how hard I hit it (dark highway at night in January). I bought the protection this time because I have low profile tires and expensive, upgraded wheels this time. I also had a garage at work that kept scraping my wheels. I got the package discounted and didn’t cap it, though, so to each his own. I also paid with a credit card where I earned 3% back in rewards. :slight_smile:

I just saw a posting here in the past 2 weeks for adding 3rd party time/rim protection. On a Honda Accord it could be $400-500, who knows but reach out and get a quote, then compare to anything your insurance can off. This guy is in NJ, Good Luck!

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A/S/L??? :laughing:

I’m in the Ann Arbor MI area but I grew up in NY. I can promise you that the roads are far worse here :sneezing_face: