Honda Accord LX, 1st time lessee request advice

2015 Accord LX, 3/36 $0 down, they pay first month payment and all DMV acquisition fees etc. $0 due at signing.

They want $219 a month for 35 payments. Should I keep looking? No dealers in my area ever match the deals here.

The deal looks pretty good! From reverse calculating the quote, it looks like a selling price of $18,800, or almost $5,000 off MSRP, if you assume 6% sales tax rate and $400 in license/reg/doc fees.

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I am going to do the deal then, thanks michael.

I believe they also absorbed a $595 acquisition fee

I am current 2013 Accord LX lessee. My lease was perfectly painless. It was $239/mo, 35 payments for 35 months. 12,000 miles. With all monthly taxes it’s $270 total.

I have been spending way too much time looking at options.

I have found one dealership (at least) that is advertising $189/mo (same specs/terms). Perhaps you are close enough or for $600 bucks they can ship it to you, if that saves you money???

Also, yesterday I had Honda of Fishers offer me early buy-out of mine (8 payments left) for a total of $230 per month including all fees, for 2016 Accord LX.