HN308's Mar Infiniti - QX80 Luxe AWD 10% off MSRP + 2K loyalty for Infiniti/Nissan. One pay also an option. NY/NJ/PA/CT

any QX60 deals?


No more QX60 around. They are not making them for 2021 model year.

New ones will launch around fall and is a brand new design.

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Any QX55 deals?


I have a q60 red sport going back in Sept. I would love to get into a Q50, as that is what I had before this and it is way more in my price range… I am in NYC, and would like 12k miles a year. Please let me know what other info is needed!


Interested in the QX50. Messaged you.

2022 Infiniti QX80 Luxe AWD Special

Have few to pick from. $10,000 off MSRP with no add-ons.

If you are in NY MSD is not an option and you pay much higher as the MF is high.

If you don’t have Nissan or Infiniti loyalty, remove the $1K from incentives.

If you have military or VPP that will be honored as well and the price drops further.

This is a 24/10K lease deal with NY metro area incentives applied.

Broker fees : $500

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Price improvement on a one-off unit that has 1100-odd miles on it.

If you don’t have a Nissan or infiniti in household, remove the 1K taxed incentive from the calc to get your updated numbers.

The dealer is ok to ship the cars anywhere in continental US. The paperwork will be done remotely and the car gets shipped at owners expense.

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Still have 2 units of 2022 Qx80 Luxe in stock.

$10,000 off MSRP plus loyalty incentive if you qualify

Price improvement - $11,000 off MSRP plus loyalty incentives if you qualify

I have only 2 more units left of 2022 QX80. If you have military, VPP etc it can be applied on top. If you are returning Q50 lease, that gets you $3000 rebate instead of the 1K in the calc.

Has to be picked up by 12/31 in NJ

Still leasing QX60s or no? Remind me of the broker fee?

Are you still leasing qx80’s? Located in NC

What about QX80 Leases in NY or pathfinders

I can get QX80 at 10% off MSRP plus 2K rebate if you have a Nissan or Infiniti in household now.

NY can’t do MSD so the best option is to get it done with one pay as MF can be brought down that way.

Is the 10% inclusive of the 2k lease cash?

Can VPP be applied? If yes, how much VPP accounts for?

I’ve got the same question. :grinning:

The discount of 10% off MSRP is before the 2K loyalty rebate. The lease cash that everyone qualifies for is included in the discount.

VPP can be applied on top of the above and is worth another $1000.


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Do you have a list of QX80s available to you and what is the best way to get to VPP - I do not work for a company that gets VPP. In the past there was a Infiniti number we could call and be nice to get a VPP code.

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Below is the QX80 one pay calculator. Just enter your tax rate multiply the monthly payment to 18 for a one pay.

The calc includes 2K loyalty rebate for Infiniti/Nissan owners or lease holders. If you don’t have it, remove the incentives.

If you have VPP you can add another 1K in incentives to the calc.