HN308's Mar Infiniti - QX80 Luxe AWD 10% off MSRP + 2K loyalty for Infiniti/Nissan. One pay also an option. NY/NJ/PA/CT

Broker Fees - $499

May 2021 Update. 2nd update of the month after $1000 price increase due to inventory shortage

Infiniti QX50 May Special

$281/mth with $2663 Drive off and $3150 MSD
Above quote is for NJ resident returning an Infiniti lease.

If you don’t have an Infiniti change your incentives to Zero in the calc

NY residents can’t do MSD so change the MSD to 0 for NY residents

Below quote is for NJ resident returning an Infiniti lease. NY customers change the tax rates.

This deal is with returning lease of qx60, qx70 or q50. If none of them are going back but any other Infiniti model being returned, reduce the incentive to 1000.

If you don’t have an Infiniti going back change your incentives to Zero.

Below calc is with NJ tax and MSD. If registration is in NY change the tax rate and remove the MSD

QX50 Luxe AWD

QX50 Essentials AWD.

Q50 Luxe AWD.

Q50 Luxe Low mileage lease - 5000 miles only

Reach out to me with the info below and your phone number over Private message via the forum.

  1. Are you returning an Infiniti lease and if yes which model.
  2. Miles and months of lease you need.
  3. The zip code where the car will be registered.
  4. The exact model or trim you want and approximate MSRP of the vehicle you are looking.
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these are awd? thanks


Almost all Infiniti vehicles in our market are AWD and so are these listed above.

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Deals can be regional- you do know this right?

Curious what was the purpose of sharing your deal in someone else on the opposite coast’s marketplace ad? Serious question, because you added very little detail beyond the numbers.

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@HN308 do you still have QX60 Pure available?


Yes, both QX60 Pure and Luxe are available and we have many of them.

If you are interested send me your name, number, zip where car will be registered, whether you have VPP or not, miles per year you need and any color preference. I will price the car for you and send the exact numbers that apply to you.


@HN308. Great. Will PM you.

Why are you guys hijacking his thread?


Just added a Q50 Signature Special.

326/mth 2550 Drive off which covers everything. Check the 1st post and click on calculator link for detailed numbers.

The dealer is willing to give $500 extra discount on all cars in stock sold by this weekend. If you are considering any Infiniti lease this is the time to act.


The QX60 Pure is 320/mth with $2595 drive off and the QX60 luxe with Essential package is $379/mth with $3049 drive off.

the above numbers require VPP and include bank fees, dealer fees, NJ taxes and DMV.

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Interested in the signature edition please get back to me

Any qx50 deals? Looking for 12/39 lease on lux or essential. Dark gray or blue. Central NJ

Looking at QX 60 Pure AWD in NJ with ventilated seats if available for wife.
Pm me please

My dealer needs 1 more sale for tonight. Will do a crazy deal on any in stock Infiniti.

If you are in NY/NJ/Ct and can close the deal tonight over phone and pick up tomorrow

Sounds enticing but wish a sample deal was posted, someone may bite on the offer

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What kind of crazy deal can you offer on a QX50 essential trim? white exterior, tan interior. 39/10k taxes included in monthly payment

Who ever is interested in it, send me your contact number and I will call. But please only get in touch if you can close tonight over phone.


Bump for good luck on the unit