Hit and run on a parked car (NYC life…)

Was late for work this morning, and one spot (at the end of a street) became available on a busy Brooklyn street. Parked there thinking I was lucky. 6 hours later…

Can’t really think of what this could be. Delivery motorcycles? Anyway, how much do you think this will cost to fix this?

Is it recommended that I go to a BMW dealer to get this fixed? Or, any body shop can handle this kind of damage just fine?

The front left wheel got severely damaged as well……

Where do you live in Brooklyn

I don’t live in Brooklyn but work in Bushwick Brooklyn.

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Can’t tell from the pics. Is it the wheel, reflector and bumper damaged? I’d take a good look at that tire also to make sure it’s not damaged

Is fender scratched also?

You can go to any reputable shop

The bumper will probably cost you around $600 for re-spray

Reflector is not costly. Can even buy an aftermarket one if you don’t plan on keeping car

Wheel probably $200-250 for new powder coat (as long as there is no structural damage

Check on the tire. That’s gonna run you a few hundred bucks if integrity is compromised


Was there enough room in front of you for UPS/FedEx/box truck to double park? Looks like something that size scraped you as it backed out.

I’d start with an OEM approved body shop (doesn’t have to be BMW branded, but has access to OEM BMW parts), offer to pay cash, see how much it’s going to cost before involving insurance. Looks like it may not need any parts replaced, but that’s at a minimum paint work in a very obvious place.


i’m amazed they scratched up the rim like that but didn’t manage to hit the panel in the rear on top at all.

how much is your deductible?

do any of the businesses have security cameras facing the street?

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This is the shop BMW of Brooklyn uses

I’ve used them before as well. Work is good


Ouch, it almost seems like a commercial truck got too close or was double parked and pulled out scratching everything from the wheel to bumper with the back of one of those underride guards that the trucks have.

As others have mentioned you should start off by taking it to an approved BMW repair collision or a highly reviewed trustworthy one. Find out exactly what the total cost of repairs would be and then simply compare that cost and time to your insurance deductible before you make a final decision.


Thank you everyone for your input. I will be stopping by a few body shops with good reviews tomorrow.

If I do use my auto insurance, this belongs to the comprehensive category, not collision category, right?

My deductible for comprehensive is 500 and for collision, it’s 750.

Above which threshold would you consider using insurance for the repair?

that will absolutely cost you multiple times your deductible especially in this economy, especially if the wheel or tire are damaged. id get an estimate first and work on finding your culprit.


personally id skip using insurance on such a minor repair, premiums will jump 10x the cost over the next few years.

Here’s the body shop ive used, very good repair results.

Reliance Auto Works, Brooklyn NY


Don’t make that mistake. You are in NYC insurance will not be nice. Many shops are priced decently.

Sonny’s Collision specialist, Queens NY.


I went through insurance for a comprehensive claim of over $2,000 with a $100 deductible. Unfortunately, the company raised my rates. Knowing what I now do, I would have gladly paid the 2k. I know that is what we think we all have insurance for, but if you can pay out of pocket and avoid involving them, I would suggest it.

The other option is cameras. If a residence or business camera recorded the damage, go after the offender on your own. It will be great news for you if it is a delivery person backed by a company or corporation.

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Thank you for your advice.

The vehicle was parked in front of a Citibank. Not sure if they would be willing to share the footage with me but I will give it a shot…

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I actually have a dashcam front and back with high sensitivity but this incident for some reason wasn’t registered :frowning:

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You can try, but you would likely have to obtain a subpoena for the footage.

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OP needs to read his policy. I made several comprehensive claims over the years (through Geico) for thousands of dollars of damage to my cars while parked on the street in Manhattan. Damage while parked was expressly exempt from being a basis for which they could remove my accident free discounts, etc. and I didn’t see any increases besides normal yearly small % adjustments upwards.

That being said, if I were to shop my coverage around, my understanding is that other insurers will likely only see the claims and the $ paid out on my CLUE report and so I assume my offered rates will be higher as a result of having gone through insurance, but that is theoretical unlike the $ I had to pay for the various repairs.


Now that you say that, this looks like the kind of thing that Loomis or one of the armored car companies just might do. At a former client where we dealt with them, we referred to them internally as “knuckleheads with guns”. The sort of profession that you’re disqualified from if you’ve ever been to Montessori school for even a day. Good luck!


Martino Auto Concepts in Glen Cove is one of the best in the biz.

In NYC, no one cares about your car. Not the brinks guy, not the fresh direct guy, not the bicycle delivery guy, not even the guy parking his own car and backing into yours