Hit a pole and bumper came off on leased car

I’m an idiot and as I was backing up and turning to get out of a narrow space the side of my front bumper hit a metal pole quite hard, denting the bumper and causing one side of the entire bumper to come off. I managed to pop it back into place for now and there doesn’t seem to be any internal damage. Although some screws did break off on the side that holds the bumper.

I’m not sure what to do at this point. I was planning to take it to a garage and get an estimate for the fix. I have not filed a claim or informed my insurance company yet. I was planning to buy my lease at the end of the term (a couple months away) and still intend to. I really don’t want to hike my insurance rate (paying $414/month on a CRV, based in NYC). What is the best course of action here?

Damn OP. Hopefully damage is minimal and not bad out of pocket. I’d get the estimate then go from there, someone else can probably give more helpful advice though. Used market isn’t going anywhere at least and you’re buying out so won’t have to deal with return stress fortunately.


This sounds like very minor damage, not even worth going thru insurance most likely.

Id find a reputable body shop (or 2 or 3) and get estimates/negotiate for best price.

Most important part when researching body shops is paint matching - assuming paint work is necessary.

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I got a painted to match bumper cover a couple times off ebay for ~$500 and a bag of clips for $10. Should take less hour to swap if your somewhat handy assuming no hidden damage.

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@soflacarguy @hayhayday I just put up a picture of the damage for a better idea. It looks pretty bad here, but not truly sure how bad the repair will actually be. Feels like the end of the world cause I’ve never had a car issue. I really don’t know if I should go the insurance route or even notify my insurance even if I decide to pay for the repair myself. But thank you guys for the advice.

Don’t go to insurance nor repair shop (many report to carfax).
Looks like this piece, right ? Only $350 painted. Less than your deductible, I’m sure.

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It’s actually the front driver side. But I’m worried other components might be broken because quite a few clips snapped off.

Clips are cheap.
I’m sure you can find driver’s side just as inexpensive. Don’t let a body shop take advantage of the situation. They’ll charge insurance thousands for a $500 repair. Assess the damage yourself. Pop the cover back off and see what else is there. Pop both sides off and compare, if you need to.

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Will body shops require me to go through insurance? And should I still go into one to get the damage assessed by a professional?

It’s cheaper to do this. My buddy backed his Pajero into a parking column and we’re just swapping the dented piece out for like 140 bucks.

I mean you have to be straight up with them if you go this route. Tell them you have no insurance and paying out of pocket. Offer cash even and negotiate.

Thats what I did and it landed me a new bumper color matched perfectly and installed for ~$500 cash.

I spoke to a shop owner who looked at the damage and insisted that I go through insurance and tell them it was a hit and run, and choose his shop to repair it. I obviously refuse to lie to my insurance about this, but I’m wondering if this is a shady tactic auto shops recommend to benefit from?

No he is looking to cash out and sounds shady. Avoid that shop. You have to be firm, using insurance for this isn’t worth it.

If you’re not a DIY person, you call and screen the shops ahead of a visit so you don’t waste your time. Make it clear your looking to pay out of pocket and shopping best price, and can pay cash.

As others have stated - this is a reasonably cheap fix - the “right” body shop will tell you the same.

This is exactly what I warned against above. They want to take advantage of you and your insurance.

This is such an easy job. You already popped it back in place yourself once. No need to be afraid.

Found this thread with 3 recommendations in your area.

Learned a long time ago how to play this game. Close family friend runs a body shop.

If OP wanted to use insurance- lets say damage is worse than anticipated - you go to their preferred adjuster, get an estimate - request a check, and still shop around for best price cash.

Can easily pocket the difference which is often substantial if played right.

Anyway thats how it’s done around my parts, I don’t know if being in NYC changes things.

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The body shop I use for minor incursions like this offers a 40-50% discount (doing this from memory) on the labor rate if the repair is being paid out of pocket.

This is a reputable body shop owned by a local new-car dealer group.

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yo dude, consider…. Like at least consider swapping the bumper yourself. It’s not some crazy voodoo complicated thing. It is literally just a few clips that attach your bumper to the body of your car. If you are in college you probably have at least half a developed brain and the means to figure it out. Google or YouTube it before you decide with a shady body shop in New York. If it was a door or quarter panel, I’d probably then tap out.

Where in NYC are you located?

It looks like you’re gonna need a new bumper. I think the linked pre-painted ones above are good enough.
It’s going to cost much less than having a shop order an OEM bumper and paint for you
I can recommend a shop to swap bumpers for you if you’re not inclined to do it yourself

Wow your buddy came close to totaling his Pajero.