Highest discount seen on NEW 2018 BMW 340xi

I know this has been discussed here before. Realistically, how much discount should I be looking to get on a new 2018 BWM 340xi ?

@nsurance was able to get 13.3% off MSRP 15 days back. Signed 2018 BMW 340i $476/mo w/ tax

With the looming / probable lease support ending on 2018 3 series this month, do you think dealers will be willing to do a higher discount ?

I think you should at least go for 12% off.

Won’t know until you ask them


I asked them for 16% discount and the dealer said max they could do is 12% off.

That’s them cutting a check back to BMW so not surprising. 12% is usually all-in deals, anything above that the car needs to be close to a birthday or final day of the month.

So, 12% off msrp including the lease rebate or excluding it ?

A selling price of 12% off of the MSRP before incentives.

do all 2018s go to final pay on 3/1? or is that a rumor?

I would push for 12% and higher before incentives on any outgoing 340’s honestly. Just find a dealer willing to play ball. It won’t be easy, but I laid all the specs of the deal out that i wanted on the table and so it really came down to negotiating money factor and additional discounting off msrp.

In my region I found it tough to get ANYONE to commit to something competitive in writing or on a sales sheet so get as close to “reasonable” as you can and you may get better results in person and working with a sales manager directly as opposed to the peons.

I figured anything under the 1% rule on a 55k+ vehicle I’d be happy with , but work them as much as you can! Think you can get a killer deal w the Feb incentives!

Also - I was reminded of the 500$ bmwcca rebate so that made my deal even better (thank you LH community!). I was able to register for the lunar new year rebate as well, which made negotiations even more favorable.

Good luck .

Biggest discount ever or more recently?
This is my lease breakdown on a 59.5K 340i from the end of 2017.
Looks like the discount before any incentives was around 16%
Hope this helps.

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This is exactly what I was trying to achieve. Awesome deal. This was for 12k/36 mo ? What was the MF back then ? RV is about 60%, which is similar to now.

The MF was .00151 but the dealer had to make money on the back end,so they marked it up to .00181

I got 20% off a 340xi loaner with MSRP of $61130. Same dealer still has a loaner plus a few brand new ones. I can give you a contact if you are in the Midwest.