Here's the new 2023 Range Rover Sport


  • BMW Twin Turbod V8 for first edition and later high end models
  • No more supercharged V8
  • Stiffer Chasis
  • PHEV range improvement
  • New Design Language like the Full Size / Vogue
  • New Door Handles like on the Evoque, Velar, and Full Size / Vogue

BMW V8, wow hoho, put one unstable thing to another unstable thing


I’m seeing the start price around 83k, I believe the last model starts only around $68k??
NVM, those are fully loaded…

V8s are going to be on constraint for a VERY long time too.

This also has the potential to increase the value of the supercharged 5.0 in the V8 SVR imo.

sigh @DG-X5 you have my blessing if it’s still available - go get it :rofl:

So it looks like an Evoque had a baby w/ a Velar? I guess that’s not a bad look…


I have an opp for an SVR carbon at MSRP and I am not taking it. Too heavy for what the market is showing right now

Looks dope been waiting for the release of this. I’m looking at this or a defender to replace my Tucson that ends December 1.

The old RR Sport is squinting in that photo.

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If there is even a 20% increase in range from the previous gen (19 miles) this new gen will qualify for the federal rebate, combined with section 179 , they wont be able to produce them fast enough. I really just wish they had an option for British Racing Green from launch.

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Define heavy

38kw battery, about 48 miles range.


As someone who worked for a JLR Franchise & also has a lot of miles under the previous generation RRS- I hate the styling of this new one. Hopefully it grows on me since I’m such a huge fan of the brand.

But it’s too expensive, like $105k…

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I honestly don’t love it - but unlike the G80 which I hated on launch and have come to like - I think this is one and the same

I think you mean GV80 ? That steering wheel, hard to get over.

23 RR Sport… Nice interior, pretty typical exterior for LR imo, not much unexpected. I’m sure pivi is a step up over what I have in my Discovery. I guess all the marketing hype makes me love it anyway. Make a video in cool scenery, interview with a euro accent guy, and get some nice drone shots. I’m sold. Even though I’d just be driving it to dunkin donuts and the grocery store.

A large argument for RRS/Model X/90k Ford Lighting is the section 179 deduction for business owners. If you can fully depreciate the vehicle in the first year, it will cost 100k of pre tax money, which is the equivalent of ~60k post tax money before the $7,500 federal rebate + state incentives- even at 100k these are a hell of a deal.

He’s probably referring to the new generation BMW M3 which is the G80.


And a loaded Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe is $72xxx lol

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I guess the RRS buyer likes to be sold by a Steve Jobs-turtleneck sales presentation.

Turtlenecks = True class