Help with unsafe car I leased

Check if Jeep participates in the BBB Auto Line Arbitration.
You can see if they do through your warranty booklet.
Going through the BBB Auto Line is 100% free and less painful than meeting them in court for the lemon law which requires an attorney.

Couple of years ago, Kia bought back my car through this BBB Auto Line Arbitration program.
They even paid back my interest costs, registration fees, taxes minus the mileage deduction.

Your new purchased or leased car has to be less than 2 years old and less than 24K miles driven when the first problem occurred and they should have (or shouldn’t have) fixed the same problem after 3 tries.

Going with a lemon law attorney doesn’t mean you end up in court. They’re going to try to settle everything before getting to that point, just like if you go through arbitration. The difference being that a professional is doing the negotiations on your behalf for free vs you taking your time and energy to go in less prepared.

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I’m glad that worked for you, but I found out the hard way (from my lawyer after an unsuccessful BBB dispute): where does the BBB’s revenue come from? The companies you are fighting with. They’re a trade group.

In car parlance, don’t think Consumer Reports, think NADA.

None of my lemon law disputes made it to court, and I never had to even meet my lawyer in person. We did everything by phone and email, and it was done.

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As I’ve mentioned above: Arbitration for FCA is NCDS

From what I can recall, the manufacturer has to abide by their verdict but you do not. If you don’t agree you may pursue other options.

That’s the same as thinking a buyer’s real estate agent doesn’t cost you a dime because the “seller pays.” cute.

Having had close family (and thus seen all the numbers involved) lemon vehicles both with and without an attorney involved, the financial compensation was calculated using the exact same formula. Amount of the buy back was equal to all fees/costs associated with the purchase * (120000 minus the mileage when the issue was first attempted to be corrected)/120000. In the cases where an attorney was involved, they got paid separately for their time, from the manufacturer. In the cases where an attorney wasn’t involved, it just took longer. All those consumer protections you were touting… they’re the same ones that decree what the formula for reimbursement is, with or without a lawyer.

If you’re going to be a dick about things, at least make sure you’re correct.

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Not sure who thinks that, because both buyer and seller have closing costs, which includes attorney fees.

How many lemons have you bought? I find it slightly hard to believe somebody has had multiple experiences with something that is by all accounts a very rare occurrence. Anyway…
So the manufacturer paid the lawyer. Got it. Where did the manufacturer get the money? They only get money from customers (ie, you and me). So it makes cars cost more and we’re the ones who pay for it. It’s not coming out of Mary Barra’s pocket that’s for sure :wink:

I change my oil, do my own brakes, and yes buy/sell property by owner because I like keeping transactions simple and minimizing overhead costs like lawyers.

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Now tell us who pays for tariffs.

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Quite a reach. Every house has buyers and seller agent commissions. What % of new cars are lemons? Not 100%

I’ve leased 3 lemons (out of 7 leases or 8 new cars), two were successful lemon law claims.

Uhm they have attorneys on staff. They all have corporate counsel, and outside counsel. All of them, all the time.

Did I miss where someone suggested ambulance-chasing lemon law cases? No lemon lawyer is taking your case on contingency if they don’t have a reasonable confidence it will prevail in some way.

LOL. The consumer. The consumer. The consumer. Always the consumer.

Me personally? 0

How many claims have I had first had knowledge of? Several…

My brother lemoned his mv agusta motorcycle
My wife lemoned her Lincoln mkc
My parents lemoned their Chrysler Pacifica
My sister in law lemoned her Jeep Cherokee
My wife’s cousin lemoned her ford explorer

4 of the 5 were with the same attorney who got things done fast with no direct cost to anyone. Yes, his fee was amortized out to be $.00001 of the next new car, but we all know that’s not what you meant when you made your real estate comparison.


Surfer is just a troll. I have him on ignore


Now you tell us…:grinning:

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Maybe you should become a trusted hakr then?

While not impossible, you should definitely buy a lotto ticket. Most estimates I’ve seen say 1% of new cars are lemons although that’s based on older cars that had more issues. The chances of 1% occurring 3 times out of 8 are somewhere in the lotto realm. (you can probably calculate it). I’ve never known anybody who had a lemon, ever. It’s fortunately a pretty rare event (except for you and op.

This link has some helpful info for people who need lemon help.

I’m no expert. Just a guy who likes cars and discussing cars with fellow enthusiasts. Some of the trusted hackers are really helpful and some of the brokers are insanely helpful. I don’t pretend to know what’s a good deal on a telluride :wink:

The sources (right or wrong) are guessing because you have mostly confidential settlements vs sustained cases you could lookup in Westlaw/LN. It also depends on what you’re calling a lemon, for this I’ll assume “not collateral exchanges”, but both buybacks and partial settlements for defects in workmanship (includes not just the manufacturer, but liability from defects in third party parts).

You should definitely revisit the definition of luck and read a book on it. This isn’t that (P=1).

The probability is the same (1/100) for all occurrences.

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I have purchased a lemon, contacted a lemon law attorney, received a settlement, and didn’t have to pay the attorney anything out of pocket. This was obviously his point and was correct. Your point about it “raising the cost of vehicles sold” is irrelevant to the discussion.


I actually would go further and say that the settlement amount is the same regardless of if you used an attorney and that is why the attorney didn’t cost anything.