Help with unsafe car I leased

In may 2018 I leased a Jeep Cherokee for 36 months. The car I leased has a 4 cylinder engine and burns oil and without warning turns off while I am driving. I am just looking for advice on what I should do because I do not want to be driving this car anymore as it is very dangerous. Any help is appreciated.

Talk to a local lemon law attorney.


Have you ever taken it to the dealer to get looked at or fixed?


Yes, I’ve taken it to the dealer a few times with the same issue and they told me to come in every 1,000 miles to have the oil level checked, but before the thousand miles was up from the last check it died while I was on the highway and I can not drive it any more.

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If it’s all documented, consult with a lemon law lawyer.


Is this a new car that you leased?

Contact a lemon law attorney and FCA corporate.

yes it was brand new when we got it

Create a folder documenting all incidents and service provided by dealer. Then send a copy by registered mail to Chrysler with a request to remediate or buyout the vehicle to terminate the lease.

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Honestly you don’t even need to put that much effort into it. I’m in Auburn Hills almost every day. FCA takes issues like this very seriously and it doesn’t take much more than a tweet or email or whatever to set them off and come down hard and fast on the dealer for not taking care of the customer. But if corporate isn’t aware, they can’t help…

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You sound like a Big Baby!

How dare he want his new, under warranty car to not burn oil and run when it is turned on.


Take it on every 1000 miles to make sure the oil is okay… what the… you shouldn’t have even agreed to that. Who has time to drop by the dealership every month.


Looking back on it probably should have not agreed, but we needed the car and didn’t know what to do

I just sent an email lets hope for the best

What you should do is just let the Tigershark go dry and die because it’s a horrible engine :slight_smile:

Man if you think FCA cares depends on the rep you get. Document things, videos, service records, phone calls, and whatever you can. Dont wait for FCA as corporate can care less and better safe than sorry.

The things people put up with… Start with fca if nothing happens lemon law lawyer as suggested. In the mean time demand a loaner that actually runs. That will make the dealer care a bit more.

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I know for a fact that the gigantic building in Auburn Hills MI cares about customer perception and satisfaction. I once was involved in an issue where a woman got a brand new free minivan after she hadn’t changed her oil in 60k miles and her engine seized because she threw an absolute :bat: :poop: insane fit about it in an email to FCA top management and on social media.

I can’t speak for whoever answers the phones at their call center wherever that is.

My parents are going through a buyback with fca right now on their Pacifica. The lady at Chrysler customer care was super helpful and suggested going the lemon route before anyone else.