Help with Mercedes E300 Lease

I am getting really high quotes on them. Last quote I got was:
Link to E300 Service Loaner

This is a service loaner with about 2,800 miles. Here are #s:

36 months/7.5K miles

MSRP: ~$62,000
$10K out of pocket
$400 + tax


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What is the breakdown of the 10k due at signing?

All done by text. He said $2,500 down and $10K drive.

You need to find out more details. 10k drive off is absolutely insane, if it includes Msds, then it is still insane.

The target on these e class loaners is 20-25% off MSRP, less than 400 per month with only first month and Msds due at signing. That vehicle is a nice loaner, well equipped with P2 package and low miles, so no residual adjustment needed.

There have been a myriad of e300 threads recently, search those to get some idea of pricing and negotiation strategies.

Here is the price on that loaner at only 20% off with only 1st month and Msds due at signing. Even though it reads 10k miles, I used what I think is residual for 7.5k.

I don’t know what that salesperson is smoking, but I want some


I haven’t told them that I have the MS Reserved corporate fleet pricing yet…but at this price, we aren’t even close.

I haven’t told them that I have the MS Reserved corporate fleet pricing yet…but at this price, we aren’t even close.

The dealer wouldn’t even send me the numbers before I went to see the car.

You need to call/ email 25 ++ Mercedes dealers to find a needle in the haystack loaner e300

Also, this month there are no incentives (whereas last month there were a total of 4500). The good news is that the entire fleet incentive can be used instead of it offsetting the dealer lease cash.

10k out of pocket?? Might as well buy the whole car in cash lol

How does the fleet incentive compare to last month’s promo.

Could they have been used together?

Nove/Dec there was a 3000 holiday cash and a 1500 dealer cash. [At least that’s what I think they were called] the 1500 has been there in some form since i started shopping the model in June.

The 1500 didn’t stack with any of the fleet incentives, so when you told them you had fleet, it didn’t increase your discount by the 2500 fleet amount but instead by the 1000 difference between the two. Both amounts fluctuated during the year, but I think the largest difference in the last 6 months was 1000.

This month it appears to be the full amount, but in theory off of higher baseline pricing. [Or Autobytel completely bricked it this month, which they haven’t for other manufacturers and were fairly consistent in prior months]

Thanks for all the info…I am getting much closer with another dealer. Thoughts on this one?

oops I am not sure why my images won’t post. Here is a link to the latest deal I got:

So if there is no “dealer lease cash” this month, and you get to use the entire fleet amount, you can score a decent lease from one of those dealers who publishes low purchase prices on demos. Here is a mocked up 36/12 lease on an e300 at MB of Annapolis (who a couple of hackers have gotten deals from lately).

Does that pricing include fleet? Is this 2000 down or 2000 drive-off? Also find out what they are charging for MF and Acquisition fee. 0.00104 is base for 2017 E300 RWD this month.

Per the LH calc, I get a payment $30 less with those numbers, so they might be marking something up:

No, this number does not include fleet or MSD. The $2000 is drive off. I emailed asking for MF and residual last night, haven’t heard back. Will ask about acquisition fee.

So that’s a decent discount, just need to get them to lease to you at base MF and standard acquisition fee, then apply fleet and MSDs.

0.0124% MF for the last one…

0.00124 I meant…do MSD’s even help at that low?