Help with Mercedes E300 Lease

That’s marked up from 0.00104. Absolutely, 10 MSDs would save you about $60/month or >$2000 over the 3 year lease. [Takes interest rate from 3% to 1.3% based upon 0.00124]

.00124 isn’t that low. As @cheapdad00 said, it’ll save you about $57/month, which is a no-brainer in my book.

I had put in 0.000124 in calculator. You guys think I can push back on discount and try to get him to 25%? Also, do dealers negotiate MF? I want to get him down to 0.00104 like @cheapdad00 told me.


You can negotiate to the buyrate, but not lower. Only way to get lower is with MSDs.

In the same boat as OP. Looking at a retired loaner

MSRP: 61k
Cap cost: 51k
Cap cost reduction: 1k
Miles on vehicle: 7k
Miles/year: 7.5k
Monthly: 469
Due at signing: 469 + first month
Acquisition fee is 795 (rolled into cap cost)

What can I do to make this deal favorable (~300 / month). Willing to put down MSDs

Focus on getting a larger discount off MSRP, 22-25%, depending if you have fleet or not. You are at 16.5% now.

@cheapdad00 how did you get 16%? $46,883/$59,135 = 79.281% (20.72% discount). So I should tell the sales guy, “hey, I want you to lower the selling price some more.” This is my second LH deal, so I am still a newbie!

@Jon - can you explain “negotiating the buy rate a little more”?

If the buyrate MF is .00104 but the dealer marked it up to .00124, then you can negotiate to get it back down to the buyrate MF of .00104. You can’t negotiate it to be lower than the buyrate MF.

16% was to @hellojava deal

@Jon Got it, thanks.

@cheapdad00 I will try to get them down a little more on selling price!

Is this the current going rate for an e300 service loaner 2017? If so what is ideal for a 2018 service loaner as well? Is that before or after fleet? I am in the greater Tampa area and a few of the dealerships here appear to be pretty stingy in comparison.

Discount will need to be similar because residuals are similar between 2017 and 2018. Depending upon model it looks like 2018 has 1% higher residual but a higher money factor which would offset that cost. That was fairly typical last year as well for 2016 vs 2017. One would expect they would be willing to discount 2017s more, but that would depend on dealer. There are some MB dealers in mid Atlantic posting decent discounts on their web pages, competition is key.

That is good to know, I guess I wrongly assumed 2017s would be higher but that makes sense with the residuals that I received are 60% and 59% respectively. Are these only a good deal when they are 20+% off MSRP? Would that include Fleet or not?

If you want a sub 400 monthly, you need that level of discounting. Typically the price includes the dealer cash which is not combinable with fleet, so the fleet discount, instead of being the full 2500, only drops the price 500 or 1000.

What is the current MF on a 2018 E300 and what is the standard acquisition fee charged by MB? I have a feeling I might be getting marked up.

Go on edmunds and research forums as they are very helpful there. The acquisition fee is $795 but they tend to mark up in Fl to $1095.

Is there anyway to find the buyrate? I’m working with a dealer claiming the MF is .0015 but it is set by the MB.

Check on Edmund forums.

All the dealers I am dealing with right now 2017 is .00104 & 2018 is .00138

2018; is 0.00113 for January
2017; is 0.00104 for January assuming RWD for both.