Help with Lexus RX450h deal

Hi Lexus Group!

Trying to find a dealer who can help with the currently tough Lexus RX450h AWD program:

  1. Need to get RX450h AWD with Premium and Navigation at $49,900 net cap with reasonable DP / cap cost reduction combined with MSDs (7 or 9 depending on what is allowed in the program)
  2. Need dealer who has a national registration system (I do most of work on this- you just fill out tax form and give me a T-tag from your state and I drive vehicle home to finalize government registration)
  3. Dealer must honor current Lexus MF of .00105 and residual of 60% and not markup or use leasing other than Lexus/Toyota

If you are interested, and can immediately send a term / purchase sheet, please message me directly. I am ready to sign today.

Thank you!

Have you thought about emailing your request to dealers or asking a broker for help?

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