Help with lease Volvo

Please help with lease:
Volvo XC90 T5 Momentum 7 Passenger
MSRP 53.705
Dealer discount 5.200$
Incentives: lease bonuse 1750$ Costco 1250$
Tax fees 1025$
Doc fees 85$
Tax 117$
Non tax fees 586.75$
Total: 47.319.23
MF 0.00100
Residual 58%

DAS 1500$ monthly payment 552 included tax
DAS 2000$ monthly payments 523 included tax

Please let me know where i can save little more?

Is that a 36 month? $500 Month down equated to $1044 in payments? wow

Thank you for response
Yes, 36 months/ 10k

Residual looks good, you have 3 separate discounts
BTW is this a 2020 or a 2021?

You are getting $8200 so I can’t see where you can squeeze another $.

Darn $1000 extra down = $1044 in payments. Well then I wouldn’t bother.

So it’s $2500 not $2000 DAS.

Max out those MSDs rather than pay money down up front.

If you can do MSDs, do those.

I leased a demo XC90 T5 with 20s, Nav, protection package, and heating package in early September and with no money down except first month, it came to 610 tax included (NJ)

I came across some older posts where people have mentioned that some Volvo dealerships have deducted money from the MSDs citing excessive wear and tear. Can they do it instead of sending the client a bill that can be disputed first and settled thereafter? Also, Volvo lease deals do include GAP insurance. Is it advisable to take the wear n tear insurance if it’s offered at a reasonable price or just take a chance? Or will that insurance, the monthly lease cost will be pretty close to if you ‘subscribe’?

If this is a 2021, Look at the t6, there is an additional 1k in lease cash.

BTW Poster,
Since you PM’d me about being a newbie leaser.

The MSD’s they are talking about are basically payment deposits. (Look it up if you want more details) and will reduce the interest charge (The Money Factor) and saves you money.
At the end of the lease you can either request the MSD’s to be refunded or some will just apply it to the end payments.

Down payments don’t reduce the interest (well it does, you saw the $44 reduction), it just makes the monthly cheaper. MSDs can reduce the payment because of interest reduction.

Ex : Chevy allows up to 36 MSD’s (called OnePay) which reduces the interest and saves lots of money.

There’s a side benefit if you crash the car early, but that’s not a payment discussion :slight_smile:

A lot of great information.
Thank you

Just to be a little pendantic, the dealer isn’t involved in the disposition fees or how costs are handled. They, nor the inspector that marks up the return costs, have any knowledge that you put down MSDs, so the idea that they charged more for wear and tear because you put down MSDs is unfounded. You’re going to get charged what you get charged for wear and tear. I don’t know if you can get them to send you an itemized bill separate from the MSDs or not, but ultimately, it really doesn’t make a difference.


Well, I was talking about posts like this: Got charged $2000 for excessive wear and tear Volvo lease return

If you are only sent a bill but not charged yet, you can probably talk to them and get it reduced. Will they do the same and refund a part of your money if they’ve already deducted it from your MSDs? That will be bit of a challenge, no? I am not debating the benefit of paying the MSDs as it brings down the MF and thus the monthly lease amount.

Normally, you would have gotten the car inspected prior to turn in and had the opportunity to deal with any damages. Obviously the lack of inspections due to covid throws a wrench in things, but the thought that you’re going to negotiate your way out of the charge is just speculation.

Get Preinspected and Get the Bill.

Look at bill, take pictures of the offending items that aren’t offending, you have proof to contest with the leasing company. (Lots of work btw)

Turn in Uninspected

Look at bill, yell at the fake charges, call up the Leasing company and it’s your word versus their inspector…who btw has pictures.