Got charged $2000 for excessive wear and tear Volvo lease return

I just returned my Volvo lease, and was charged $2000 for excessive wear and tear. I was told I could not schedule an inspection one month prior to turning it in due to COVID 19. I do not have a breakdown of what the charges are for, but I am going to call them first thing in the morning. They deducted it from my MSDs and sent me the remaining balance. The car was well kept and within mileage when returned to the dealership. Anyone have a similar experience to getting gouged like this ?

Did you take detailed pictures on lease return? How were the tires/brakes?

Is that one of the negative aspects of MSDs? That they can take it off the top of any excess wear and tear and hand you over the remaining balance of MSDs ypu put up front after they are paid out?

Not being able to schedule an inspection seems not right. What I would have done was extend the lease by a few months until I was able to schedule an inspection.

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That is unfortunately the down side to MSDs :confused:

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Yes took detailed walk around pics and videos of the car. Tire tread were to the standards mentioned on Volvo’s website

Did they give you an explanation of the charges and what was the items of excessive wear?

Just call them, ask for details, pics. Some folks have gotten these charges reduced or even waived once they were reviewed.


Thanks, thats good to know.

They can do that or send you a bill for the damages. If they’re coming after you for the money, it doesn’t matter much.


A 3rd party company does lease return inspections. $2000 worth of damage would mean there is quite a bit of damage.

You should be able to pull the inspection report on this link:


Unfortunately, it has been my experience with Volvo lease returns as well. Clear gouging. Last car was charged $700 to replace two tires (not four!) due to “excessive wear”, the other one - 1.5" long, shallow scratch on rear fender $500. Never had such charges with other brands, and I am pretty careful owner, don’t abuse my cars - dealers often comment on how clean they are after three years. I guess this is one of the ways they compensate for over-inflated residual/market value ratio on lease returns.

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I had no problems returning my Volvo lease. Didn’t get hit with any charges. My only complaint is that the disposition fee is taxed.

I was once charged by Volvo about $500 for excessive wear and use. I was too lazy to schedule an inspection and didn’t take any pics when I returned. I emailed the sales manager who leased the car to me and ask him if he can help me with the fees since I’ve lease 3 different Volvos from him in the past. He just asked me to send him the bill and took care the bill for me a few days later. Just contact them and ask for details. $2000 sounds way too much for excessive wear and use if your car was well taken cared. Good luck!

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Well they got to make their money somehow. Clearly the cheap leases ain’t cutting it. Is Volvo the next Nissan?

Frankly, that doesn’t sound too bad… not sure what tires Volvo’s come with, but if the car comes with large (20”s, 21”s), low profile, run-flats, high-speed rated, etc., those usually run $300-400 a pop new - before mounting / balancing :slight_smile: adds up really quick which is why folks go for used tire replacements at turn-in


I’d definitely want to see the report. Also curious if they were overly stringent or the car was more worn than you thought.

I added the excess wear and tear on my XC60 with 20s. This thread has me glad that I made that particular bet.


Interested to hear the outcome since I’m considering a Volvo for my next car. I’ve never been charged for tires on 36 month leases and I’ve never had any charges in general (never bought excessive wear and tear) despite having chips / scratches and in one car a broken visor mirror. Wonder what inspection company they use?

I just leased the XC40 and purchased the wear and tear policy. It provides piece of mind. Unless there is some real serious damage I can return car with scratches, bald tires and worn brake pads. Policy was $690.00


So I was able to speak with someone today. They said the charges were
$1400 for windshield crack - I disagree. Based on their own website for normal vs excessive wear and tear, I am not so sure I should be charged for that

$500 - for a dent in the left driver door panel ? I see no dent. These are my pictures I took before turning the car in.

I also have an Xc90 lease for the wife for which I got wear and tear insurance just because my wife is not as meticulous as me when it comes to cars. But I am surprised by these charges. They are submitting the charges for review. I’ll keep you guys updated.

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if that chip was the “crack” it should be able to be fixed for under $100 by safelite or something $1400 is absurd. I forgot to take pictures of my turn in last month, I have excess wear protection but I find it really hard to trust these companies where they can just spit out BS charges