Help with getting calculator to match dealer quote? 2021 Highlander Hybrid XLE

Hi - in NY. I’ve gotten a handful of quotes and they all seem way off from what I can calculate. What am I doing wrong? I’m so far off that it’s not just a couple bucks swing on taxes like it seems is common here.

MSRP: 44,728
Adjusted Price: 41,728
MF - .0.00132
Residual - 65%
8.75 Sales Tax

See calculator here:

See dealer quote here:

Thanks for any feedback.

IMO dealer sheets like this often aren’t really useful for anything except monthly payment. They can put whatever they want on it, the only thing that they are held to is the monthly. You should know your own monthly payment/DAS target going in based on your own inputs (don’t ask a dealer what the car costs, tell them what you’ll pay). For example, if the deal you have calculated is what you will accept based on your research, counter offer the dealer with those terms.

Regarding your calculator, your dealer fees and govt fees appear to be incorrect.

(and maybe this is obvious, but you need to verify that MF and RV are correct AND that the dealer is using the same numbers)

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There’s no reason to assume they are using this.

But forget trying to decipher why their quote is higher than yours.

Fix the tax in your calculator … should be the second radio button.

Plug in 11% off MSRP as your selling price.

That payment and DAS should be your target when you make offers.

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Thanks, I guess I didn’t understand that first part as much as I should have.

I should be going in with - I want to pay x as my selling price (in this case ~11% off MSRP) after any incentives?

I did confirm that MF/Residual were the same as that’s what I thought was wrong at first.

Gotcha, thanks. In this case I would counter with “I want to pay $431 per month with $1,706 down” based on the 11% off MSRP?

Selling price discussed here is before incentives


I’m not saying that ALL dealer sheets are wrong, but they can literally type whatever they want in the other fields. They could show you a 20% selling price discount but calculate a payment based on no discount.

“Due at signing” or “drive off”, not “down”. Down = down payment = bad.

You’ve also now removed the incentives and bundled them into the selling price which is incorrect. Please read the calculator FAQ and spend some time looking at other deals shared on here, marketplace posts, etc. There are a lot of Highlander posts specifically to look at.

If your target payment calculation is based on is 11% off MSRP at base MF - who cares if they agree to the payment with more discount and marked up MF, or more discount and VIN etching, etc. Let them figure out how to get there, no need to get down into the weeds.

Like @mllcb42 said, 11% discount on selling price before the incentives so add the $1,500 incentives back to your calculator.

When making an offer use more rounded numbers to make yourself seem more like a normal person and less like us calculator freaks

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Just leased the same car with the same MSRP last night. $500 rebate and $3,000 dealer discount. $399 with $2,200 down.

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Post it in shared deals.

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