Help w/ MB C300 Lease - dealer seems questionable


Thanks to all the information on this site I’ve been able to negotiate several lease offers on a 2018 C300. I’ve found the build that I’m most interested in, unfortunately the dealership it’s located at seems to be engaging in several questionable tactics and sketchy behavior. With all the knowledge I’ve gained from reading the posts on here, I believe I’ve been able to catch most of them and have brought each one to their attention. They seem to be completely displeased with me having the information I do, and as a single female I feel it’s even more agitating to them having to deal with a ‘more-informed’ woman. After correcting their tactics, I’ve presented the following numbers but they keep trying to switch things around or tell me my calculations are wrong. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could second check my numbers…I’m definitely not an expert by any means and only know what I’ve been able to learn on this site in the last week. I do unfortunately feel that I probably shouldn’t work with this dealership and get such a sketchy feeling from this all, but also want to get in the car I really want at the right offer.

MSRP: 44,445
Discount: 6,300
Vehicle Price: 38,145
Fees Rolled into Lease: 1,095 acq
Base Cap Cost: 39,240

10K/36 months
Trade-In: 0
Initial MF: 0.00124
Enroll in Autopay to lower MF by 0.0001
4 MSD: 1,800
MF after MSD and Autopay: 0.00086
RV: 62%
Sales Tax: 9.25

Monthly payment including tax: 417
Drive off: 817 (1st month payment + 400 registration) + 1,800 MSD

Truly thank you for any help :slight_smile:

MF is 0.00124, I’d think. You have extra 0.

Corrected, thank you.

Acq fee is marked up. Some have been able to get 18% off 2018s in SoCal.

Based on your numbers - it’s $417/mo. If they gave you that sales price than you are right with your calculations. Unless MSD reduction is wrong.

Thank you. I did the MSD at 450 x 4. I believe this is right. Dealer says 1st month upfront of 445 and after that 433.

It’s one guy who said he received 18% but he never actually got the car, I beileve. I don’t think 18% is possible on a new one.

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They are rolling dealer fee and registration into monthly also - another $500-600

He told me flat out that the only fees being rolled in were acq and that he wanted registration in drive off. He can’t explain the difference and instead just keeps saying I’m calculating incorrectly.

Well, obviously if only $445 (don’t know why it’s not $433) is due at signing, they must have included everything else in the adjusted cap cost. Ask for a full break down so you can see for yourself.

Is it possible for the first month due at signing to be more than the other 35 payments? He says first month will be 445 and all others will be 433. I told him all should be 417.

He also said 4 MSD would be 2000, but I rounded the payments to 450 x 4 = 1800. Is this correct?

Yeah, I think so. Let’s see what MB gurus will tell you. But that dealer doesn’t seem to be helpful or knowledgeable.

I get the sense that he’s more sketchy than unknowledgeable. Thank you for your help!

I went to a Mercedes Benz store today and asked him about security deposits. The sales manager either said their store hasn’t used them, or MB in general hasn’t offered them the past ten years? I questioned him then let it go. Talk about strange!

This dealer completely acknowledged knowing about them (although was very annoyed when he realized I wanted to use this in lieu of cash down) and even explained the rounding to the nearest 50…but now is calculating incorrectly.

I think the dealer’s MSD calculation is correct. MBFS bases it on pre-MSD price, not post-MSD like Lexus.

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Got it. That makes sense. Thank you.

Seems like both @xio and @ng0 got quoted 18% off new 2018s. @jordans you should PM them for their sales person’s contact info.

@ng0? He’s just browsing LOL But I believe it when someone actually gets a new 2018 car at this discount.