Help w/ M550 Demo Lease Deal

Hi All

First time hacker here trying to get deal on an M550 Demi lease. After my local dealer wanted 900/mo for a 540ix I decided to branch out and see what others had. Numbers below are after really zero negotiations. Car has a little over 4K miles. Still waiting on him to provide MF & residual.

Thoughts? I do not qualify for grad or loyalty.

MSRP: $76835
Sale Price: $69,871
Lease Rebate: $3250
Conquest Rebate: $1000
Price: $65,621 w/ no dealer fee

(Other Rebates such as BMW loyalty and USAA may also apply)

36 months, 10k miles per year: $799/mo with just first month due at signing
36 months, 10k miles per year: $747/mo with $2500 due at signing

Id request 15-20% off the Demo, but settle somewhere around 13% off the demo. The discount youre getting is more than what someone just got for a new non-demo. Let us know the MF and residual when you get it.

Go to Edmunds to verify these numbers. You want to know if the dealer is marking up the MF

With that mileage I’d shoot for $64k before incentives. The price you are being quoted i’d expect for a new car - see the deal below I posted recently on M550i with exact same MSRP but new car. Note with a new car you can get $2k more in incentives if you factor in OL code and BMW CCA.

More figures in today. I have not tried to beat them up on pricing yet as I was waiting for these to come through.

BMW Acq Fee: $925 rolled into payments
No Dealer Handling fee
The numbers I quoted are accurate money due at signing figures.
The lease factor for retired service cars is .00185 in the Western Region/Colorado
The residual is 60% of MSRP, less the miles already on the car.

Anyone with better information here able to tell me if the statement above about the retired service cars MF being set is true? Seems like BS but wanted to know before I went back at them. Agree on getting the pricing down even further for having 5k on the clock.

That is what I like to call bull shit. All BMWs are .00145 this month; they marked it up by the max amount of .00040.