Help On Alfa Romeo Guilia

After testing and getting initial numbers on a Guilia Ti a few days ago. The numbers I got definitely aren’t any near what I have been seeing from other Leasehackrs. I was told 39mos would be the most competitive. Can anyone confirm? How can I make this deal better?

MSRP: $48,xxx
Discount: $2,000
Negotiated Sales Price: $46,xxx
Rebates: $4,500
Less Rebates: $41,xxx

MF: .56% / .00023
Residual @ 39mos: 46%

Plates: $700
Doc Fee: $400

Adj. Cap Cost: $42,880

Dealer Offer: $600/m

This is for a 39mos@12m/yr lease with $500 due at signing. I live in AZ.

That seems very high for that selling price

You should be able to get a much bigger discount than $2k off MSRP.

I figured so as well. However according to TrueCar, it’s about $2,800 on a TI in my area. Anyway I could leverage more?

24 month is most competitive and get a bigger discount

Bigger discount meaning rebates or discount off MSRP? If the latter, why would terms affect discount?

Please excuse the complete void of grammar in my previous post.

I meant with current programs and rebates, 24 month is the best lease.

He also needs a better sale price. $4750 discount should be your goal for a good deal. For leasehackr worthy goal you need above 11% off msrp.

I’m going to pull out of pursuing a Guilia. Their reliability woes scare me. However, thanks for your guys’ help.

Normally I would agree, but it’s a lease. Enjoy the car (when it’s not in the shop :joy:), then return it at lease end.

And even when it’s in the shop - enjoy Alfa loaner

Or a Chrysler at the especially sad dealerships

No, FIAT. I don’t think they combine Alfa with Chrysler, do they?

There’s a poor guy on the Giulia Forum who got a Chrysler 200 (at an Alfa/Maserati dealer) and they apparently wouldn’t even wash his car after service :rofl:

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I remember when Ford owned Volvo, my dealership replaced all Volvo loaners with Taureses :angry:

That’s the issue. The Alfa dealerships in my area do not have Alfa loaners. They put you in a rental and I would hate to be paying upwards of $500/m to be in a Chrysler 200.

The alfa dealer in my area is attached to a maserati dealer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one, too. Maserati/Ferrari/Alfa :slight_smile: And then another one with FIAT. And then some more.

Two offers right now.
2017 Giulia. AWD (not Ti). with some options (not near me to type in here, sorry)
$3600 down, $392/mo. 24 mon, 10k

2017 Base RWD with cold weather package and larger screen package thingy. :slight_smile:
$4200 due at signing, $323/mon, 24, 10k.

I am reaching out to more dealers now. I would LIKE to get more like $2000 due at signing, $300/mo, 24, 10k