Help needed to negotiate a 2020 XT4

I am helping my friend to lease a 2020 XT4. The quoted price seems really high, any help would be highly appreciated.
Region: Houston, TX, lease credit has been applied.

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That is attrocious.

First and foremost, don’t ever talk numbers with a dealer until you already know what the vehicle should cost. Talking numbers with a dealer is for finding a dealer to do the deal you want.

Start by going to edmunds and gathering rv/mf/incentives for this vehicle for the specific trim/zip code in question.

Gotta know where we’re starting to know where to go. I’m guessing this is a case of marked up mf and next to no dealer discount.


Wow. I heard these don’t lease as well as the XT5’s. That’s a 53% residual with basically little money off the sticker whether it be % discount off the price, loyalty, rebates, lease cash, etc. For $700/mo with $0 down, you can lease a lot of more expensive and larger SUV’s. The MF must be quite high also. I would run and run fast from this deal.

Easily X5 territory for that payment. You’ll need to do a lot more research before talking to dealers.

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I have a friend looking to get out of one of these for low-mid 400’s.

DFW metro.


This is the first XT4 I actually like. Looks mean all murdered out!


Doesn’t it?

It doesn’t look too “suburban young housewife” like most of the other “cute utes”


You’re in Texas, your friend needs to look for a luxury ute with tax credits! That lease is awful, choke a horse on that payment


I did get numbers from Edmund, no incentive available for my zip code. I am asking the MF, no response from dealer yet.

What did Edmunds tell you the mf is

Based on Edmund, there is no lease incentive for my zip code. Waiting for response from rhe dealer about the MF used on the quote.

Did you post on the xt4 thread and ask for RV/MF/incentives or did you try to find the info on one of their calculator things?

The only useful information on Edmunds is from posting on their model specific lease thread.

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Does it have 360 camera? This is a must have function as demanded by my friend.
I help another friend purchased a 20 XT5 from the same sales at the same dealer, 48K MSRP, 43K even drive out, in Feb.
Don’t know why the discount is so tiny for XT4.

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Yes, I did.
.00010 MF and 54% residual

No lease incentives

Based on those numbers, this should be $579 with $0 due at sale. They must be marking up that MF like crazy.

At buy rate, you have to be at $1500 over MSRP to get to their price.


Equipment list says it has it but I’ll ask to be sure.

the response from the sales seems very odd

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Run Forest, run!

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Yes it has 360* camera. Let’s do this. :+1:

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