Help needed to negotiate a 2020 XT4

When dealing with dealers like this just propose what you’re willing to do in a take it or leave it style and just move on to the next dealer if they won’t play ball. You could ask for a proper lease sheet too, to see the rate yourself.

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Most sales people don’t know how to calculate a lease.

I would bail on this dealer and start over after reading the FAQs again.

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As someone said earlier…maybe the salesperson doesn’t really know how to calculate a lease. Also, whoever is plugging the numbers in may be translating the money factor to an equivalent APR since that’s what most people understand. I’m sure if a salesperson quoted “money factor” to the average joe that comes in to the dealer they’d get a deer in headlights look back at them. Only lease savvy people understand the term “money factor.” Aren’t Lincoln leases advertised as “APR?”

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Ford Credit does their leases in APR rather than MF.


Just walk away. There are better Caddy dealers in Houston metro I assume.

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Any respected caddy brokers in ny area?