Help me lease 2024 gle 350 4 matic custom build texas

hello folks

I’m working with a dealer close to me, they let me know they will give me Texas tax waiver on the model they have coming in 2 weeks or if I did want to do custom build. I have been advised by another user here to ask for % (what % do yall think i should ask for) off they are willing to offer on the model before going to the dealer to do the custom build and put down a deposit.

what else do yall recommend I ask for? I’m guessing the money factor might be one.

Edit: | Mercedes-Benz USA

This is the build I’m going for.

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Check out the edmunds forum to get the MF/RV for the trim you’re looking at.

Take a look at the marketplace section here to see what brokers and dealers are offering for the same model as far as dealer discount, and what incentives are available.

You can then take these numbers to the dealer to see if they’re willing to deal. Don’t forget to plug the numbers into the LH calc, and come up with your expected payment to compare with dealer offer.

Good luck and happy leasehacking!


one dealer in Arkansa is offering 5k off 2024 model, haven’t seen anything else on the 2024 model cus they just came out.

ty for the info friend, will gather more info and will be back.

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Sounds like a healthy discount but did the MSRP really jump 10k+ since the 23 model??? Just from a quick glance through the forums

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Talk to @derekoh1991 lest the ar dealer is him

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looks like same msrp to me on base 350 4 matic idk tbh

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already have, he offering a good deal but no tax waiver for out of state, as a texas resident that can be worth thousands

The dealership that I am talking to (For example, is Plano or Grapevine) is over sticker. Might be better to buy it here

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I hate paying taxes and love when I get the holy grail:

  1. Big discount, rebates, and targeted incentives
  2. Great money factor and residuals
  3. Next to nothing in state taxes

But to a dealer it’s all just money. Tons of Texas dealers are happy to say, “Yea, we can get you tax credits.” And they will find those credits, but they’ll also discount the car less or charge you more in fees. And they really have no incentive to give you the “holy grail” on a new car they don’t have in stock.

Long story short, going out of state with someone like @derekoh1991 might not be a bad play even if he can’t do tax credits. FWIW I’m having 0 luck on getting Texas dealers to play ball on the EQE sedan, even when it’s been sitting on their lot for 5 months and missing microchips.

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true, that’s why I look at the total cost of ownership. I don’t want to keep the car long term so leasing is a good option for me.

I’m not looking for EQ deals that are just out of this world, actually, I was but don’t have a charging station to make use of it, and the closest public charging station is 1.5 hours away.

just a good deal for GLE itself.



this is the raw deal with no tax credit added to it yet.

The vehicle has everything I want in options except the interior isn’t what I want but if I do a custom order it will be here in November/December but will run the same number.

48 months RV is way too low so I don’t think it’s worth it but I still put it to hear yalls view.

Ive never seen a GLE lease that was worth it.

With an .00455 mf, i dont see that changing anytime soon.

It’s not 0.00455, should be at 0.00275 + 0.0005

when you say you’ve never seen a GLE lease that was never worth it do you say this statement comparing those leases to GLE model itself or to other car models that I am not interested in at all?

so I should ask them for lower mf?

Doesn’t hurt to ask, but they aren’t going to do it.

It says .00455 :man_shrugging:

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0.00445 is 10.92%. Whatever they’re giving you in tax credits, they’re making up for it in interest


10.92% MF and it doesn’t have the interior you want.

Is there really a decision here to be made?


This is what would cost to do the interior I want, as it will be the same cost when I custom order it because it has the same options as this car just different color.

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no tax credit yet, that is a maybe lol