Help! Majorly upside on a car, looking to lease into something that would dissolve the neg equity



I’m looking to get into a lease with a luxury car. I currently have a vehicle (2017 Honda Accord) I’m upside down on about ~8k. I’m looking to do this with none to minimal down payment. I’d be open to leasing a service loaner if it is better equipped, as I am trying to pay off the negative equity within the 36 month lease. I’m looking to be at low to mid 5’s a month all in. I am tier one credit, and have purchased multiple vehicles in the past.

Is this too ambitious? Or is it possible? I’m in the Houston area in case there are any dealers out there who can also help. Please advise. Thanks.


8k negative equity is close to 222 a month just to pay off without interest figure a good $250 a month in dead money. There is deff no $250 a month luxury cars out there with nothing down. 500’s would be a stretch


Not possible for a luxury


What would be a realistic number with the dead money? Or am I better off financing into a new vehicle?


What vehicles would this be possible with?


C300 demo. CLA demo.


Base 320 or X1 Demo, maybe?


I thought the base 320 would get me there, but I can’t find a BMW dealer not trying to rip me off.


Try vroom or if its still close to $8k negative, just drive it out. If u really have the bucks take back to honda dealer and they will gladly give you a new 2019 one.
I never get people who get into a lease of a brand that is unswappable and then get tired of it in a year. Oh and trust me a demo cla or c will not be too much different then what ur driving now. Actually both are smaller.


If you must know, we just had a baby, so a coupe is no longer bueno for us. I used to have a 4 series grand coupe before, so I was hoping to go back to that or something similar


For the amount of negative equity you’d have to pay off, get a second car with 4 doors, your SO may want a car too.


That seems like a lot of negative equity on a Honda. Did you roll previous negative equity into it when you bought it? I also think you should try Vroom and Carvana and see what they will give you. It may not be as bad as you think.


no matter what you do, your paying that $8,000. Why can;t you just keep the car until paid off or close to it. That’s a lot of money to eat


Just finish the lease, let Honda choke on thatcequity, makes not sense for u to do it at this point


I’ve financed it :confused:


I got taken to the cleaners by the Honda dealership. I traded in a neg equity without knowing what I was doing at the time. I’ve learned a lot since then,


Have you checked out the value on the trade with the usually suspects, vroom carvana carmax shift, etc?


I have. It ranges from 10K under to 8k under.


Well this is your second trip to negative equity land, just get a $300/mo car for 36mo + ~$220/mo neg equity and then you’re done and can reset. You’re not going to be in 4 series territory my friend if you want your total to be around $500/mo


I’m willing to go up a little higher if it makes sense. My monthly payment right now on the Honda is 500 anyways.