Help! Majorly upside on a car, looking to lease into something that would dissolve the neg equity



Search this forum for recent deals and pick a car in your price range you can see yourself driving for the next 3 yrs. Feb isn’t exactly a great time to lease. This would have been a lot easier 2 mo ago.


Based on what you’ve stated about what you want to afford… do you have to have a luxury car? It really sounds like a beggars can’t be choosers kind of situation…

That’s a lot of negative equity to roll over. Have you considered a base QX60? It’s probably going to be your best bet, cost wise.


A 320 or 330 loaner could work, but you would need to find one that’s $10k off before incentives. I would look for that car and don’t get picky, find one discounted at least $10k and start working a deal on it.


Most of the BMW dealers down here in Houston have not been willing to help.


Haven’t looked into it much, but I’m open


Texas is a big state, you’ve got multiple metro areas to search.


Title should be I want a new luxury car lease and roll my negative equity from a previous lease in.


You’ll be paying sales tax on the negative equity if you roll it in. Most dealer payment models can’t differentiate amounts financed between rolled in negative equity vs. increase in purchase price.

By rolling in negative equity, you’re throwing good money after bad. If you REALLY need a sedan, you should try to lease a Buick or Toyota at a good discount.

You should hold the car until the buyout is closer to the market price and settle the balance in cash. But hey, it’s your life so if you want to roll in 8K, pay the sales tax twice, go ahead.


The move you’re contemplating cannot be described as “making sense” in any way, shape, or form.

As many have said, a slightly more logical approach would be leasing a basic Camry/Kia/Hyundai where you may be able to lease it for the $220ish your negative equity will cost if you make a move.


Pray you bought GAP. Put on helmet…find a nice wall/tree and hit it. :crazy_face:

(This is just a joke)


Sorry to be direct, but don’t you see yourself going down the same path again?

You are now rolling negative equity essentially from 2 cars ago again into this lease, while paying interest and sales tax on it, again.

Understand a coupe is no longer working for you as a new dad, but a 3-series isn’t much better and surprised with your fixation on a “luxury” car. Most luxury cars including BMW have fairly high money factors which is the interest rate on the $8K vs. finding the cheapest lease with the best MF to save you money. You’ll pay over $1,000 in taxes and interest just on the $8K with BMW’s standard MF.

I would try to find some way to pay off the $8K without rolling it into the lease if you have any low interest options and pay it off as quickly as possible then go on Swapalease and take the lowest/best price 4-door vehicle In TX so all of the fees and taxes are covered. In 2 years or less, you’ll be out of the hole completely.

Kids aren’t cheap either and only get more expensive.

Good luck and congrats on being a new parent.


Is the Honda the only car in your household? How often do you need to transport the baby in your ride? And, how tall are you and your wife? (A rear-facing carseat and tall people don’t mix with a compact car)
Oh, and how many miles per year?


Privately sell it through craigslist? You can get 3-4k more.


Not a bad idea but assumes he has 3-5k cash available to pay off the negative equity


I overheard a volvo dealer recommending a good strategy for these situations… lease a volvo with a 24 month term then do pull ahead into another Volvo with their 9 month pull ahead off. So 9 off your payments would be forgiven so that is close to 3k (8000 dividend by 24 months = $333 per month in dead month times 9 months). Again you have to hope the 9 month pull ahead still exists when it is time however.


I believe Texas sales tax kills this approach since he would be paying full sales tax twice in 13 months. A $40K car would be $2,400 in tax each time. No less the Volvo lease would easily put him over $600 although the MF is reasonable.

I like the creativity though!


Extraordinary problems require creative solutions!


Contacted a BMW dealership in another city.

They are offering to roll in the negative equity on a 3 year/36 month lease for a 2018 BMW 330e base with upgraded rims.

They are asking 1k down and monthly payments of 660. What do you think? What should I negotiate?


You should take that deal, future financial solvency be damned.

I’d be sure to get the 3M paint protection and LoJack, too. And for sure get the wear and tear and wheel warranty.


A monthly payment means absolutely nothing. What’s the MSRP? MF? Sales price? Discount/Incentive? Is it a loaner? Please review the pinned posted to
understand the basics of leasing.

You went from $500/month budget to almost $700/month?

Look forward to your thread in 18 months when you have a second kid and need to roll $12K from this lease into a new SUV.