Help Leasing in Vancouver WA

Hey All,

I’m hoping this is the right place, I’ve seen a few similar threads here but they all had specific vehicles.

So my first lease is coming up for turn in in September, and I just recently leased a minivan for the family. Neither were the deals I see posted here, they were ok, but nothing awesome. I need to replace the one going in in September and want to get a jump on it now. I am looking for either a bigger sedan or small to medium sized SUV. and I’d like to keep the payments under $250.

I’m 6’3" so that’s the reason for the size of vehicles. I’ve got a long list of possibles, but nothing exceptional is jumping out. Do you have a particular recommendation on what brand or model to pursue? I thought the Chevy Equinox Diesel would have a high RV since it’s a darn Diesel but it didn’t. Toyota has a high RV but their markdowns are pretty sparse.

Again, sorry if this is the wrong section, feel free to scold me and move it. I appreciate any help that can be offered though.

Look at the Passat for starters…

See if you can replicate this deal

I’d suggest a Subaru Outback.

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Isn’t a Cherokee kinda small for him?

Ha. You are correct.Forgot the height mentioned…

I’ll go give the Cherokee a test drive this weekend and make sure. I was in an Elantra a couple weeks ago, and other than my daughter not being able to fit in the backseat behind me and how low it was, I actually liked the little car (the lease turn in is an F150 lol). I’ll check out VW as well, but I wont soil myself with Subaru. I know they are a phenomenal brand but 21 out of 22 idiot drivers on the road here are subaru drivers and it has put a very bad taste in my mouth when it comes to them, they’d have to give me a free car at this point before I’d own one. I know, it’s irrational, but every person has their limits.