Help! kia stinger deal

Hey guys i just got offer a deal for a kia stinger 2019 gt1 RWD
Lease price is 38949
down $4000
negative equity $4000 on my car
payment $600
zip 32817
MSRp 46,920
I forgot the residual sorry.

wow… I don’t even know where to start…
$4k neg equity rolling into Stinger that doesn’t lease well at all…
Almost like piling on negative with negative…


With the DAS matching the negative equity this is a dog shit deal all the way around. No way.

What’s the actual breakdown of the sale price? I bet some incentives are being tucked in there and likely a very poor MF. What is the term also?


i know i have a lexus they crash it and its not worth alot. the term are 36month/12k miles should i negotiate more or just not do it?

Just not do it.

thank i just needed to hear it from someone because for me its a lot specially me putting a down payment of 4k i wish i dint have that negative equity and there would be good, :frowning: i really like the car but i think is to much.

Where did it come from to begin with?

Well i really like the kia stinger and i wanted to get out of my loan because i owe 20,000 and the dealer is giving me 16,500 the car has a accident on the car fax and i figure doing a lease will get me out of the car and will get me into a new one. but i though that the payment where going to be lower :frowning:

Have you gotten a price on the current vehicle from carmax, carvana, vroom, etc?

Pretty good! They offered me this on a GT AWD. 707 a month :joy::joy::joy:

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yes i have and the kia dealer is actually giving me the same and this places and the most i got was 16.500 on car max :frowning: i am kinda stuck because of the accident

Look at my GT deal they offered :joy:

Hiding negative equity is nearly always a bad idea, but there are probably better cars (at least from a leasing/finance perspective, not from a sporty/driving dynamics perspective) to fold the negative into.

In FL it might be worth messaging a couple of brokers here to explore other options.

yeah i might have to do that because the payment are high i was going to try to negotiate for 550 but i think that would be almost inposible. :frowning: becasue 550 i can do

There are better cars from $ point of view to try to hide neg eq.
Your $4k is $110 per month if MF is close to 0. Only goes higher from that point.
So if you want to be at $500 you need to find a lease for around $370. And that isn’t Kia Stinger.

There is a 5 grand lease incentive on the Stinger GT this month for 36 months. They are basically selling you the car at full price.

Please dont do it !!! Terrible deal and especially if its a Kia, no offense! Always avoid putting money down , in this case 4k is outrageous.

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4 series comes to mind if OP had a way to get loyalty…

I know :slight_smile:

My 75k Hellcat payment is lower than that…run away bro

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