Has anyone sold a USBank lease to Carvana, Vroom etc recently?

I have searched the forums but I can’t find any recent information regarding US Bank being sold to Vroom, Carvana or Algo.

I have been going back and forth with different reps from US Bank. Vroom told me USBank has to fax the dealer payoff amount to the dealer. US Bank says the dealer has to call them. One US Bank rep said dealer can only buy it if I am trading it into that dealer and buying a car from them.

I just want to sell my US Bank lease to Vroom.

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US Bank is usually the problem. What did you search for?

In general, if your question is about selling to blank (where blank is Vroom, Carvana, AlGo) there is a thread devoted to that.

In some states (FL and PA IIRC) only a dealer can request a payoff, but that and work arounds has also been discussed. You’re in CA so it should not be that issue.


I have seen those posts but nothing recent. I also saw some posts where people mentioned that they were able to sell their US Bank lease to Vroom without problems. I literally can’t find a single post about this in the last 12+ months.

If anyone with a US Bank lease who has successfully sold their car to Vroom etc could please chime in, I would really appreciate it.


Were you able to sell to vroom finally?

I have us bank jeep lease too and got a pretty good offer with vroom just now. I uploaded the docs (license, registration, odometer) and waiting for them to get back to me.

US Bank did not allow Vroom to buy my car this past month. You have to either buy it yourself or trade it in to a dealer and lease a new one from there.

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Oh ok, thank you.

I am still ok to buy my lease out and sell to Vroom but their offer expires in 7 days. Not sure If i can make it work in 7 days.

You can always get an updated quote from Vroom. Make sure you know the tax situation in your state though if you’re purchasing it yourself.

Thank you. I am worried they will come lower if I ask for another quote after a week. They are close to MSRP on a 1 year old vehicle as of now. :slight_smile:

I was not able to sell to Vroom directly. My only option from USBank was to purchase myself and then sell it to a dealer to avoid the $5k markup USBank put on the dealer payoff amount. On top of that USBank also stated that they do not sell to a third party during the last 12 months of the lease.

The entire time dealing with USBank was a complete mess. Even getting the dealer payoff amount from them was a problem for Vroom. It took numerous times for Vroom to get the dealer payoff amount. They even did a 3 way call to show me how difficult US Bank reps were and it was pretty appalling.

Even if they offer a lower amount, many other people here have called them and had them honor the higher quote. I ended up selling to a dealer so the timeframe worked out but I heard if you are selling to Vroom you may need additional time due to how long the process takes with Vroom.

I have more than 12 months in my lease, actually 23 months more. I went to a FCA dealer and they requested a payoff from US bank, it was same as the payoff quote they gave me to buy out. I am not sure if they give different payoff quotes for customer, FCA dealers and other dealerships like carvana, Vroom etc.,

Thank you for this. I will check with Vroom in the morning.

I did, but I had to buy it myself re title at dmv and sell to Carvana

Carmax will also buy out a USBank lease. You can now do an online appraisal similar to Carvana or vroom right on Carmax.com

Yes it is cheaper for an FCA dealer, or if you are getting another car with US Bank financing. Any other dealer/third party has a ridiculous markup.

Did you have to get a new estimate with carvana?

Thank you, I just did it. It’s a 2 min process same as carvana, vroom but they are the least of all offers.

Makes sense then. I would probably do a lease transfer

My case is so identical. I wonder what was your solution and the outcome of it, please? The numbers US Bank gave me don’t make sense. They made me overpay a $10k markup last October and since the market flipped around basically the car is worth less than what’s owed. The buyout is $55893, and the vehicle’s worth is $45-47k, or at least that is what I was told. Who knows maybe they’re purposely not giving me the real numbers. I’m stuck. Help!

How did USBank make you pay $10k over msrp?