Has anyone leased a Cadillac Xt6

Just curious if anyone has leased the XT6 yet? With the supplier discount a nicely loaded one is just over $50k, hoping to get a good deal on a lease.

What region are you in?

In FL, but would pay for shipping if a really good deal.

I’ve been shopping the XT6 since October . I hoping December numbers get better

Curious, what made you pick the XT6 over its competition?

I’m in a Tahoe now so I knew anything any else would feel smaller. I cross shopped the Traverse 3LT Explorer Linited, Atlas SEL R Line. I looked at the Aviator as well. It was the nicest of the bunch but lease was almost $900 month in a $62k MSRP and dealer wasn’t dealing.

I was very impressed with the Caddy . It had all my needs standard. Double roof, power 2nd and 3rd row and blind spot and parking sensors. It drive very nice. It’s incredibly quite cabin. Just enough power, could use a bit more but so could just about everything

Did you look at the XC90?

I’m a big Caddy fan but I just expected way more from them with the XT6.

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At least in my area there’s very little cash on the hood. MF is almost nothing, but the residual is pretty low, especially at 36 month terms. Not really the perfect storm for a good deal, unless theres some hidden incentives out there that would result in big discounts. XC90 definitely seems like a better play in this segment right now.

I did look at the XC90.

I want 2nd row capt chairs which means you have to step up to T6 Momentum. And the amazing deals the brokers have here are on the T5’s

The price for the T6 6 seater is almost $140 month more than the the T5 7 seater

But how much less than an xt6?

Other way around…The XT6 was around $60 month less

I also found the 3rd row in the Cadillac much more user friendly even for adults

What lease price were you seeing on an xt6? Comparably equipped?

Interested to see how these lease. I have to bet the MF is really low with residual mid 50s.

It was something like 0.00007 last I checked, and 15k 36 month RV was 53 :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

55% for 12k and 56% for 10k isn’t terrible, but they’re playing this close to reality vs propping a new model up. The fact that this is new, and typical GM dealers being stingy on discount due to the low margin and minimal cash on the hood is what is going to make this a ho hum lease.

I sat in one on Friday. It’s a nice ride for sure.

I was disappointed when I sat in it at the auto show. I was hoping it was going to be a “mini Escalade”. Not sure what you’re budget is but I’m in love with the X7.

Its probably set realistically, which is a problem if you are looking for a deal. I checked it out and I thought it was “nice”. I don’t know if I’d say it’s leaps and bounds better than the Acadia Denali though, and its really obvious that it’s the same car on the inside. The Enclave/Traverse platform might have been a better choice, but I’m guessing that they were scared of drawing away Escalade customers, so I suppose I understand why they did it. They are gonna have to improve the incentives before I’d seriously consider it.

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. Here is the issue and some of you have mentioned it as well. My wife wants one of the following cars:

  1. Volvo XC90
  2. Lexus RX 350L
  3. XT6

The problem is her criteria, must have captains seats and a 360 camera.

So as mentioned above I have to get into a 2020 T6 for captains seats which drives up the price, the Lexus offers both, but once you put the package on with the 360 Cam its crazy expensive. That left me with the XT6 which comes with the 360 cam and adding the captains seats is a cheap option.

Oh and lastly it needs to be a luxury brand and mid-sized, so the GMC, Ford, Dodge’s of the world were all eliminated.

She would be happy with any of the 3 above, but I am just guessing the XT6 will be the most affordable of the 3 which is why I asked.

I am in the same boat as you. Wife wants a 3 row with 2nd row captains seats and 360 camera. I am waiting on the Hyundai Palisade Limited AWD, as that has the best of all worlds. You may not think Luxury when you hear Hyundai, but once you sit in the Palisade, it is up there with the luxury brands. Check it out if you haven’t already.

What’s your budget?