Has anyone had any luck getting an Omega x Swatch Moonwatch at retail?

Not sure if anyone in the community is into watches but for the better part of two months I’ve been trying to get the MoonWatch from Omega/ Swatch and it seems like the only route I have at this point is paying $500+ for a $260 watch. Any suggestions/ advice from anyone that has picked up one of these watches?

like this?Swatch x Omega Bioceramic Moonswatch Mission to Pluto SO33M101 - 42mm in Bioceramic

Swatch is still around? Huh, ya learn something every day.


Swatch is the world’s largest watch company lol…


check stockx

Yeah, it’s from that collection. I may be a bit picky because the one I want is the Mercury/ Moon one which is the most sought after one. But Those are going for well over the $260 MSRP Swatch x Omega Bioceramic Moonswatch Mission to Mercury SO33A100 - 42mm in Bioceramic

Doesn’t help that they don’t sell them online as they want to encourage people to go out and go to stores to purchase these watches because everyone was locked in due to Covid.

I guess kids still gotta have their silicone.


believe they own blancpain, breguet, omega, harry winston, and glashutte also


If you look at the sales history for that watch it has never sold at retail price. Looks to be on the incline as well due to popularity. Wants you have to fork over more for.

Have you gone in to any of the swatch locations selling them?

Almost bought one at Omega/Rolex shop at Jamaica Airport.


As soon as I walk in I’m greeted with ‘if you are looking for the Omega watch we don’t have it in stock’. I’ve only been able to go to the Miami Beach location which is about 20 miles away from me. Been there about maybe 3 times with no luck

Kind of cool watch, I have never seen those before. I am really trying to locate a Calibre 321 Moonwatch myself.

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Nice! Which one did they have?

I have to give swatch credit for a brilliant marketing strategy here. They’ve basically made a shitty quartz plastic watch into something highly desirable by cannibalizing the Omega name.


Got to agree with you. I just don’t like how the resellers got to this one. But then again Swatch isn’t helping it by selling it exclusively in store. I like the watch but I’m not paying all that much for a plastic watch

If you aren’t local to a store and going frequently, you are going to have to pay over retail, at least short term. I pop in a local store daily, at lunch, because it’s close to work, and have come across several in stock, just not the ones I’m looking for.

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It’s manufactured demand. I’m sure the resellers getting to it is by design.

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They were sold out in the UK when I was just there. Overpaid for a Jupiter one that I didn’t like when it arrived if you want it for less than the $450 I paid hit me up in messages.