Had to share a hot deal I scored last night!


Well it was basically a head on collision at 40 MPH, center mass. I walked back and did not find any surprises waiting for me, which was probably for the best, especially for the animal. I witnessed a relative get into a more glancing accident at around the same speed with one that survived, but it definitely wasn’t getting up from that. It was pretty uncomfortable to watch.


I watched one get clipped by a car in front of me doing about 60 a couple weeks ago. I have no idea how the driver didn’t see him running across the road as I saw him coming from a half mile away and slowed way down. The deer flew up 10-15 feet in the air, then when he landed he started bouncing up and down like a fish out of water trying to get up and run. One of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen.

Glad you’re ok!


Have extended family in law enforcement in NJ. Actually an unpleasant part of job dealing with wounded animals. A deer with bad injuries always get put down. Usually cop has to do it a close range with service handgun. It’s unpleasant and then to make matters worse they have to go through a ton of paperwork for discharging weapon.


This happened at night, and it just came out of nowhere. I had actually glanced at my speedometer for a split second to make sure I was good, and when I looked up my first thought was “Oh **** is that a dog?” out of the corner of my eye, thinking it was a dog on the sidewalk, and I quickly realized that it wasn’t when it ran out in front of me.


I knew a guy who flipped his car once swerving to miss a deer. Cop showed up and told him next time drive through it instead of avoiding it. He said it sucks, but it’s better than killing yourself.


So who got air lifted to the hospital… hope the deer doesn’t sue you in court because he had right of way and it was a crosswalk


Exactly… My hand went straight to the hazards and just kept going until it was safe to pull over. I was more worried about getting rear ended stopping short than anything else. There was no chance of swerving out of the way, which is good in a sense because there was two way traffic.


I was going to leave my insurance info for the deer, but it seemed somewhat unnecessary at the time.


Yea he was more focused on how good he looked on the deer crossing sign … what a shame


I have to take back my excitement over Android Auto. It’s an absolute basket case, at least with my Note 9. It starts out fine and then just goes into an endless loop connecting and disconnecting. It is a rental, so who knows what somebody did to it. It’s only got 5700 miles on it, but somehow it has a faint smoke and/or weed odor inside (tastefully masked by a “Black Ice” tree freshener) which I made sure to point out before taking it, so they don’t think it was me. I’m only going back and forth about 7 miles round trip to the train station so I’ll live with it, but I’m not gonna take the rap for that one. I just quit smoking (cigarettes) a little over a month ago so it’s really noticeable. I NEVER smoked in any of my cars, and I can’t understand anyone who does, especially in anything nice.


‘Grats on quitting cigs. I’ve been smoke free (uh, Marlboro light smoke anyway) some 8 years. Best move ever.

Don’t go back!


I’ve been back and forth between mostly Marlboro Reds, Mediums and Newports for the better part of 20 years. A few years ago I got bronchitis and just up and quit cold turkey for about a year, and somehow I was dumb enough to go back. I had a similar flare up recently that just disgusted myself and switched to a Juul, which isn’t totally quitting I suppose, but it’s really no different from the patch or gum in my eyes. I haven’t gone for a cigarette in over a month though, and I haven’t felt the urge either. These things have really come a long way. I tried an e-cig around 10 years ago and it was terrible. This isn’t 100% identical to a cigarette, but it’s close enough to keep me from going back. A lot more sanitary and discreet too.


Good thing your are ok and laughing about it. Those deerminators are dangerous! :wink:



Looks like a base trim to me.


Yikes! I almost hit one two years ago (couldn’t have been more than two inches away) and still wish I had a dashcam running to catch it. It’s shocking to me that nobody on my cul-de-sac has hit one yet (behind one side of the street is a 1000 acre township park that is crawling with deer) considering people drive 40+ MPH on it. Happy to hear you weren’t hurt, but a shame the Acadia is out of commission for a bit. On the bright side, you weren’t in your Volt considering it might have been totaled if the charge port was damaged


Nah. Alloys and BLIS. Gotta be an SEL or above surely?



Anything below a limited is considered base trim. Peons!


The Volt definitely wouldn’t have fared nearly as well, mostly due to ride height. I’m also glad that nobody else was in the car, because I’d have to imagine that the passenger air bag would have deployed at that speed with that kind of impact too.


I did one inch better going 85 mph on i-95 near Baltimore when one crossed all opposite lanes and jumped over divider. I was in the left lane and only saw it next to my fender, and swerved a little. Looked back and the traffic slowed down, so I guess someone behind me hit it, apparently. I saw a helicopter flying from Baltimore over 95 a few minutes later.