Had to share a hot deal I scored last night!


So I have to give a special shout out to Idiot Deer of Hamilton NJ, without them this deal wouldn’t have been possible! I was able to trade in my Acadia to them for the low price of a 40 MPH collision, and in return I got a bad ass Hyundai Elantra rental for an undetermined period of time! I did a rough Leasehackr calculation and it came out to FML…


Bummer, friend. Hope you fared better than the truck.

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Sorry man. Still you need to teach us these leasehacking deals techniques. :slight_smile:


I walked away just fine, no injuries besides my pride and a wasted sick day dealing with the body shop, insurance, etc. I’m usually really good at spotting deer and this one just totally blindsided me.


Deer said the same thing, ironically.


I do a lot of driving, particularly at night. I’ve always resigned myself to the fact that over a long enough timeline something like this would happen, especially in my general area of Jersey. I just thought it would happen on a wooded back road or something like that, not a fairly major street surrounded by homes and retail.

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So Bambi wanted to venture and chill with the humans.


Failed lease transfer, if I’ve ever seen one.


I was house sitting for my mom in a regular middle-of-a-small-town place. Not at all isolated or “out there.”

Damn deer somehow used the trash cans to jump OVER the fence and get in, then realized there were no convenient garbage cans to facilitate exit. This is at 5 in the morning scrambling for work.

I had to chase than beast around and eventually flagged down a local cop to give me a hand showing the deer the gate.

They’re everywhere. We’ve taken over their habitat, but not made it so hostile they disappear.

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Look on the bright side. That doesn’t look like a base trim Elantra AND it’s not a Nissan Versa/Sentra/Anything


Im glad you are OK. That being said, LOL, This is the funniest post I have read all day today :smile:


lol. Troll. I’m glad youre ok though. Thanks for putting this in the right category :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s actually not terrible, it’s got Android Auto! It’s got BLIS and some other safety stuff that none of my other cars have, so there’s that. For my paltry rental car allowance I could have done a LOT worse.

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Oh deer…

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Is that:

Bambi! Look! I’m screaming!


Couldn’t resist, sorry :grin:


I was terrified when I looked at the price brackets on Enterprise’s website and saw “Mitsubishi Mirage or something similar”


oh god! What the hell could possibly be similar? maybe a 1989 Ford Festiva?

Honestly, i’d probably just rather uber or even *gets scared * …take transit.

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I’m ashamed at all of you for not asking how the deer was.


Free miles, road trip!

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