Hackr Advice: What % Discount (before incentives) to Target on 2019 Kia Optima S?

Located in Central NJ and looking at 2019 Optima S with MSRP of about $26.5. There is a lease cash incentive of $5060. Working with a RV of 53% and MF of .00197, my target is a monthly of ~$170 with ~$1500 DAS (first, fees, and taxes) for 36/10. Based on my calculations, this requires about a 15% pre-incentive discount off MSRP.

Is a 15% discount off MSRP (before the $5060 lease cash) realistic?

I shopped a Stinger last year and experienced what they say about Kia dealers. It’s very difficult to get the discount before incentives out of them, plus other games about needing an SS number to get a quote, etc. However, in this case, think there are several factors that could make these numbers work.

• 2020 Optima is coming soon
• Nobody wants sedans
• There are about 200 Optima S within 50 miles, with many on the lot for over 200 days
• June is the end of the quarter

The Optima S is well equipped with all the features I’m looking for but would definitely consider other options if the numbers are better. There has not been any recent activity on LH for the Optima S, so hopefully this will help steer me in the right direction. Thanks!

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Given you’re talking about Kia/Hyundai I would say no chance if 15% off. I think you’d be lucky if you found a dealer that would discount 10% before incentives etc. My guess is 5-7% would be avg, but email as many dealerships locally and see what they offer you. Good Luck.

11-12% is the max I’ve gotten before incentives on my previous Kia/Hyundai leases. Just went in to look at a Sorento as well and it was 11% before the lease cash.

Thanks @CaptQ and @aigochamaloh.

With a 10% discount, the numbers go up to >$210/month with over $1500 DAS. This is a LH score under 10, so not what I would consider a great deal. I’ll still make a push out to several dealers and see what happens.

Any other suggested alternatives with good June programs out there? Desired options include; car play, push start, blind spot, and front/rear warning.

We are in the same boat! Same area too. Well more towards philly. Anyhow, this past wkend, I personally sent out bunch of email to surrounding dealers on LX trim. Was getting low 300s sign and drive LOL. Was getting 5-6% off if that. I’m looking for 24 month lease. Any, literally anything I can get for sub 200 a month with 12k, I’m going to jump on it this month. Realistically, ten percent is probably the max you can get off from Kia. Any other vehicles that yoh are looking into?

Recently saw someone did a Sonata SEL in the under $200 range. I’d like to stick with a mid-sized, but would look at a compact if it was a good deal. Hoping to find a scenario to maybe take advantage of end of the month/quarter deals. Also open to suggestions.

Only problem that I have with hyundak is that they don’t offer 24 month lease. I helped my sister with civic about 1.5 year ago and she got it for 187 signand drive for 36/12k. Obviously, different era with lower MF and etc, but yeah. Camry was pretty aggressive around that time too. I haven’t look for a vehicle for while so I feel little lost, but I’ll let you know if I find anything interesting.

Appreciate it, I’ll do the same.

I want to exhaust mid-sized options before looking at something smaller. However, a compact SUV would also be a possibility, but figure they are more popular so less likely to get a deal.

Central NJ here too… get ready for this:

I went to Raceway Kia in Freehold: $399/mo, $1400 out of pocket, 12k miles. LOL

Gateway Kia in North Brunswick: $489/mo, $2000 out of pocket, 10k miles, LMFAO. I told the sales manager Raceway’s terms and he’s like “yeah I cant get anywhere near that, you should’ve signed and ran with that.”

Neither dealer would budge. The sales manager at Gateway must’ve lost his damn mind. They also had a 4k markup on every.single.car because “legally, we can sell the car for that much”.

This was for an EX, not the S. But I will still never forget that. This was back in April.

That’s crazy! Guess they don’t want to sell cars? Not the news I wanted to hear (but kind of expected). What did you end up with?

My plan is to use Car Gurus to find what’s been sitting on lot over 200+ days and email all the dealers. Also like the Sonata SEL, so maybe that can expand my chances. With the end of the quarter coming, something got to give.

Then again, maybe another make/model will come into play towards the end of the month. Trying to keep options open.

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I didnt end up with anything. I still have another 2 months on my lease so im going to hold onto that and probably lease another Highlander or get into a rav4 hybrid if the rates arent crazy.

You could probably do a Tacoma for the $200 range if you can lease through TFS and use MSDs.

@Jrouleau426 has some deals in Philly area

Probably the same type of dealer that tells you $500 at 48 months then turns around and says “good news! $400…whispers at 72 months whispers

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Update: Kia dealers are truly the worst. Emailed and talked to several and none want to give a % discount off MSRP before incentives. They just want to talk monthly payments (and other sales BS), which BTW are terrible. Their typical clientele must be pretty clueless for them to get away with these tactics.

Hyundai was a little better. Was able to get 9.5% off on initial quote, but then no lower.

There are lots of dealers in NJ so I’ll keep trying before lower expectations or looking at something different.

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Truly they are the worst. I’ve been working 3 dealerships on a stinger and all three are playing games. I ask for a break down and they just give me monthly payment and tell me I can see the rest when I come in. Car sal s are down big so far this month and their playing games like it’s 1976.

The whole Kia situation is really bad I stepped in to a few helping my friend looking for a cheap lease and they are not only as bad as everyone here says but worse, they only want people with low income and busted enough credit to where they can stick them on a forte for $600 a month for 82 months, their dealerships truly don’t grasp that there are people out there that now how to buy a car and have good credit, it’s crazy I don’t know how they even stay open like this lol

Sameeee! What the hell. I’m now shifting my focus on VW tiguan and see if I can land 250 sign and drive deal. Plugging some number in the calculator is suggesting me that it is possible, but we shall see. I see some decent subaru deals on 36 months though. Mine must be 24 months so it’s limiting me a bit.

I’ve not had much luck with Kia dealerships either. Their online prices on their own sites and at Cargurus and cars.com include every incentive including the lease ones. And they are very reluctant to give the non incentive price.

I was quoted $50K before incentives on a 2018 Stinger GT2 AWD with 400 miles that has sat on a lot for 450 days. That took 5 email exchanges to get that far. They are now wondering why I don’t return their emails.

If I was a recently graduated military vet who is a first responder then I might get back to them.

It’s true though, Poor folk are the easiest marks and the sad thing is you’re not far off with your remark…

I’ve seen a poor sap drive off In an Elantra at $518/mo for 72 months (I’m sure there was some negative equity there but that’s $37K over life of loan on a car that sells for half that!)

Anyone know an honest Kia dealer in NJ? It’s a shame because I like the vehicles. Don’t see how they can attract high-end or knowledgeable customers. Based on what they are like to deal with from the sales end, I can only imagine what kind of nightmare their service and customer service must be.